Hoosiers Who Are The Hoosiers What Are Their Stories Two Centuries Ago, On The Indiana Frontier, They Were Settlers Who Created A Way Of Life They Passed To Later Generations They Came To Value Individual Freedom And Distrusted Government, Even As They Demanded That Government Remove Indians, Sell Them Land, And Bring Democracy Down To The Present, Hoosiers Have Remained Wary Of Government Power And Have Taken Care To Guard Their Tax Dollars And Their Personal Independence Yet The People Of Indiana Have Always Accommodated Change, Exchanging Log Cabins And Spinning Wheels For Railroads, Cities, And Factories In The 19th Century, Automobiles, Suburbs, And International Trade In The 20th The Present Has Brought New Issues And Challenges, As Indiana S Citizens Respond To A Rapidly Changing World James H Madison S Sparkling New History Tells The Stories Of These Hoosiers, Offering An Invigorating View Of One Of America S Distinctive States And The Long And Fascinating Journey Of Its People. The main textbook for my Indiana History class this semester.I enjoyed reading this, I learned quite a bit about the state next door I likely would have never picked this up if I had not taken the class It s your basic history book it touches on the geologic history of the state before discussing a bit of the Native American history of the state It finishes with how the state was changing in the early 2000s As always
This was a good, very readable overview of Indiana history This is the second book dedicated to the history of a particular state I have read in the last few years, the other being _Michigan A History of Explorers, Entrepreneurs, and Everyday People_ by Roger L Rosentreter, the Michigan book having a number of similarities to this one though I found _Hoosiers_ had a big engaging writing style, a slightly advanced writing level, and was a bit thematic in its approach, coming back to certain historical and cultural traits in Indiana again and again After an introduction where among other things, the origin of the term Hoosier is pondered there seems to be no agreed upon origin or meaning to the word, but was widely used both in conversation and in print by the early 1830s, often appearing as Hoosher or Hooshier , there are sixteen chapters detailing the history of the state, each dedicated to a certain time period, era, or the government and politics of a certain stretch of time Chapter one is the obligatory chapter on Indiana before the arrival of Native Americans and then before the arrival of the Americans The section on geology is quite brief though important for understanding regional differences in Indiana history and economy the northern two thirds of Indiana was covered by the last of the Ice Age glaciers the Wisconsin Glacier which gave that portion of the state flat or gently rolling terrain an
This very fine history of the Hoosier State is, at its best, also a genealogy of Indiana s current political, cultural and social character on the eve of the state s bicentennial in 2016 It gave this new resident of the nineteenth state a much critical understanding of my new home. This was one of the better popular histories I ve read and it was certainly the best regional history I have yet to read though that s admittedly a small sample size to compare Madison writes about mostly regular people, highlighting how Hoosiers lived throughout the state s history, while interweaving state and national politics throughout In fact, he does an excellent job of showing how local, regional, state, national, and international events interact and overlap And he shows plenty of minority perspectives, especially those of women and African Americans from colonial days onward.Just as importantly, Madison shows the good and ill of mainstream Hoosier society and the divisions within the imagined community Chapters about treatment of Native Americans, or about exclusionary practices toward blacks especially after the second state constitution, or about the rise of the Ku Klux Klan can be uncomfortable, but Madison does not just vilify By presenting the very wrong thinking of the times, he shows how majority white, Christian Hoo
I probably haven t done much study on Indiana history since 4th grade not even sure I did then but after being born, traveling and living here for most of my life I think I have a good perspective on this state Madison does a really good job of capturing the feel of Indiana politics and culture He portrays the Hoosier state as slow to adapt to change evolutionary rather than revolutionary Some of the stories he tells carry such a familiarity with my experience of this state Some of my favorite quotes and things of note for me p 55 With good reason, pioneers developed a strong sense of optimism, a conviction that progress was natural, and a confidence that this was the best that America had to offer Near the end of their lives, many would reflect on their decision to move to the Indiana frontier as proof of God s blessing and as a guarantee that their lives and those of their children were better as a consequencechokengtitik

titikchokeng 58 Many Quakers settled in eastern Indiana It was no accident that so did free blacks By 1850
Very interesting, although I ll caveat that by stating that I m an Indiana native, I can t speak to the appeal beyond that The only reason this didn t get 5 stars from me is that there were a few bits where the author got a bit preachy regarding what I assume is his own world view and some of the admittedly checkered history relative to both politics, segregation and native Americans as well In my opinion, history is what it is, and if you try to view through a lens that imparts today s knowledge and or values against it most of it will naturally look bleaker than it seemed at the time It s important to remember that most of those wrongs were ultimately corrected as a function of societal change ie, slavery, women s suffrage, etc By way of comparison most medical treatments, including emergency treatments, that were either
I have not really studied Indiana history since it was mandated in 4th grade I learned many details about my home state, and it explains alot about the attitude you still see in many Hoosiers While I believe the author was honest about how Native Americans were treated, I felt he was less honest about Indiana s history with African Americans and the Klan I did not appriciate that he would make a reference about one individual
I came to this book almost entirely uneducated on Indiana history, but after living here for over a decade now, it was time to learn what makes Hoosiers tick This was a great source to do so Madison writes in an approachable way, the information building like layers of a story rather than in dry, static, fodder for curing insomnia Throughout my reading I was genuinely curious about what happened next It gave me than a few aha moments as new light was shed as to the whys and whats and hows of certain cultural phenomenon this outsider has observed of Indiana and its people.But is this a book just for Hoosiers and Indiana transplants like me Nah Not if you re genuinely interested in American history as a whole or even a nice cross section of the psychological and cultural development of people in general We all have a little historian, psychologist, anthropologist or gossip within us This history is for anyone, and Madison makes it approachable reading for eve
An excellent overview of Indiana history More thematic than decade specific, this book lends a greater understanding to the great themes of Hoosiers confronting change over time, and our place in the greater history of the US. I really enjoyed this book It was assigned reading for a class, but it s not dry like other textbooks The language is conversational and the subject matter is interesting I gained a lot of insight into my home state and what shaped it.

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