From Pain to Pleasure

From Pain to Pleasure You Want To Be Happy But You Can T Because You Re Too Stressed It S Time To Try A 2,300 Year Old Proven Method To Become Stress FREE The Simple Happiness Practices Of The Epicureans Are Made Practical, Understandable And Even Enjoyable For Everybody In This Colorful And Well Illustrated Little Book.Will FROM PAIN TO PLEASURE THE PROVEN PATHWAY TO HAPPINESS Make Stress Go Away No, And It Won T Really Try To This Tried And True Happiness Guide Will Take You, However, On A Journey Like No Other It Will Grab Your Hand And Won T Let Go Until You Are Happy It Will Teach You To Discover The Links Between Your Desires, Needs, Attitude And Values See The Incongruities In Your Daily Life Achieve Harmonious Relationships With Friends And Family Enjoy Peace, Tranquility And Serenity Achieve Clarity About Your Future Discover Your Personal Fundamental Needs And Values FROM PAIN TO PLEASURE THE PROVEN PATHWAY TO HAPPINESS May Be The Most Enjoyable And Well Researched Guide For Pleasurably Practicing The Philosophy Of Happiness Through Stress FREEDOM Ever Written It Will Teach You How To Apply The Tested And True Epicurean Practices And Principles To Your Own Life To Change It From Persistent Anxiety And Pain To Pleasure, Without Being Dry, Dull, Boring Or Painfully Didactic You Ve Read All The Bad Stuff About Stress Have Some Fun For A Change