A Captive Heart

A Captive Heart June, 1646 England Is Torn In Half By A Violent Civil War Two Young Lovers Are Caught On Either Side Of The Conflict Tamsin Trevenian Is The Daughter Of An Eminent Royalist Adam Carey Has Betrayed His Family To Become An Important Roundhead Spy For Cromwell When Adam Is Injured On The Isle Of Tresco During A Violent Skirmish Between The Royalist Land Owners And The Parliamentarian Invaders, Tamsin Unwittingly Comes To His Rescue She Soon Realises They Are Sworn Enemies, And Yet She Cannot Bring Herself To Let Him Die As They Start To Spend Time Together They Quickly Discover They Cannot Bear To Be Apart Will They Risk Everything To Be Together Or Will Tamsin Manage To Keep A Close Reign On Her Captive Heart