Two Past Midnight

Two Past Midnight A Madman Is On The Loose His Goal Shock, Awe, Panic, And Hysteria Can Three Disparate Heroes An Investigative Specter, A Psychopathic Vigilante, And A Time Traveling Genius Put Aside Their Differences To Defeat This Terror Focused Sociopath Find Out What Happens When Ghost, X, And Captain Midnight Meet Up In The First Crossover Of Dark Horse S New Superhero Comics Collects Two Past Midnight 1 5 From Dark Horse Digital Written By X Scribe Duane Swierczynski Bloodshot, Birds Of Prey, Harbinger Wars With Art From Captain Midnight S Eduardo Francisco Mass Effect Homeworlds , This Fast Paced, Action Packed Story Is Superhero Team Up Action At Its Finest This is a team up book featuring three unlikely companions, X, Ghost, and Captain Midnight It s not a bad story and the art is pretty good, but I didn t think there was anything special about the book Perhaps a little explanation about how all of the characters came together or where they came from would have helped Captain Midnight was the leader of the Secret Squadron in World War II,
I was pleasantly surprised by this because honestly it came across better, or at least as good, as any of the X or Ghost solo comics I ve read I haven t read any Captain Midnight yet but I will The storyline was a little far fetched as far as the science fiction plot and villain go, but really considering what the author was working with it was
Excellent story from the Dark Horse Project Black Sky imprint returning to some of the characters from Dark Horses superhero universe Hadnt read X or Ghost for ten years and it was a pleasure to read their new adventures. Review brought by Geekly Review Two Past Midnight , by Duane Swierczynski and artist Eduardo Francisco, Collecting Two Past Midnight 1 5, teams up two of Dark Horse Comics vigilante characters along with a throwback hero who gained a following by starring in radio adventures before appearing in comic books Previous to reading 2 Past Midnight , I must admit I barely knew anything about the characters of Dark Horse Comics, but this lack of knowledge didn t prevent me from enjoying it nonetheless Ghost and X are part of the Dark Horse stable of superheroes that debuted in the 1990 and have undergone recent reivals Captain Midnight is much older by comparison, and debuted at first in radio in 1938 before being featured in comics In this graphic novel, Dark Horse has their own version of the vintage adventure hero, along with their two other characters Ghost, a woman trapped between life and death and X, a grim vigilante specialized in weaponry These two couldn t be different than Captain Midnight, who is by comparison noticeably nostalgic.The story is centered around a madman on the loose His goal is simple, and aims to purely cause shock, panic, and hysteria After Captain Midnight prevents one of the incidents caused by such character on a train platform in Chicago from being worse than it could have been, a frightened police officer runs away at what she supposes was a
Not a big fan of these heroes, but the three of them together made for a got story. Maybe I ve been watching too much 24, but this little series reads like a season of 24 It d make a really good TV movie I think too, like the direct to DVD stuff that DC do all the time The three characters get to share their screen time quite well, and Swiercynski captures all of their voices equally well Francisco s a
This comic feels like the majority of Superhero comics that has been published over time filled with ridiculous lines of exposition that sound clunky as hell when they come out, heroes thrown together by unbelievable coincidence, who bicker and fight at first but then learn to work as a team Everything about this book falls flat If I were to rank the characters by how interesting they are
Combining characters from three separate books, it was interesting to see their interactions, especially how they got in each other s ways The police woman they were trying to help did tie things together, but it seems unlikely that the heroes would be forming a permanent team.

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