The Boys Bible

The Boys Bible As Part Of The 2 52 Series For Boys, The 2 52 Boys Bible, NIV, Is The Ultimate Manual For Boys Ages 8 To 12 Based On Luke 2 52 And Jesus Grew In Wisdom And Stature, And In Favor With God And Men, This Bible Helps Boys Become Like Jesus Mentally, Physically, Spiritually, And Socially Smarter, Stronger, Deeper, And Cooler The 2 52 Track Takes Boys Through The Bible Each Reading Highlights People, Stories, And Scriptures That Help Boys Grow Toward Maturity And Manhood Additional Features Include The Following Make It Stick Special Entry Spaces For Everything From Fun Doodles And Sketches To Quick Responses To The Text Get A Load Of This Interesting And Sometimes Humorous Info About Bible Facts, Bible Times, And Bible Characters And Gross Gross And Gory Facts In The Bible. Saw this at Barnes and NobleThe cover jacket discover gross and gory bible facts just thought it was funny.. Already this is a totally cool Bible with an awesome exterior Even my Enginerd likes it It has an attractive exterior, the extras are neat and these science and history facts are good.A buttery soft brown with an orange dotted texture almost surf board shape on the cover The theme behind the 252 Boys Bible is Luke 2 52 And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men Who could be a better example for the growing boy in your life than Jesus Christ Smarter, stronger, deeper, and cooler.Using the NIV, this Bible is a trust worthy translation In a fact, the most trusted translation in the world There are several unique sections to this Bible that make it silly, educational, fun and spiritual Bringing points of interest from scripture forward to intrigue boys into reading is something this Bible does with ease 2
An amazing boys bibleable to keep them searching for Throughout the bible there are Check It Outwith fascinating facts and trivia Grossologsa boys word for sure If it oozes, bleeds, smells, spine tingling, its in the bible Words words to live by, verses to keep God s Word in your heart.I have a young man in mind to give this to, I think it is ideal for a young teen I feel that this book will captivate the young mind and make them de
My son received this bible when he was 9 and has really enjoyed the way it reads The gospels are clearly written with interesting details that are of particular interest to boys. I think it s good the book I s fiction to learn about God then read this book and pleas no cussing it is in Kristin worthy