Oxfordshire Murders

Oxfordshire MurdersOxfordshire Murders Brings Together Twenty Five Murderous Tales, Some Of Which Were Little Known Outside The County, And Others Which Made National Headlines Contained Within The Pages Of This Book Are The Stories Behind Some Of The Most Heinous Crimes Ever Committed In Oxfordshire They Include The Deaths Of Two Gamekeepers, Brutally Murdered In 1824 And 1835 Henrietta Walker, Killed By Her Husband At Chipping Norton In 1887 Mary Allen, Shot By Harry Rowles At Cassington In The Same Year And Anne Kempson, Murdered By Henry Seymour, A Door To Door Salesman, In Oxford In 1931 Nicola Sly S Carefully Researched And Enthralling Text Will Appeal To Anyone Interested In The Shady Side Of Oxfordshire S History. Great ReadVery Enjoyable Read xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Cascade xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx dads a xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx