Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big

Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of BigIt S Widely Accepted In Business That Great Companies Grow Their Revenues And Profits Year After Year But Bigger Is Not Necessarily Better In Small Giants, Journalist Bo Burlingham Takes Us Deep Inside Fourteen Remarkable Privately Held Companies, From A Brewery To A Record Label, That Chose A Different Path To Success These Organizations Quietly Rejected The Pressure Of Endless Growth, Deciding To Focus On Satisfying Business Goals Being The Best At What They Do, Creating A Stimulating Place To Work, Providing Perfect Customer Service And Making Important Contributions To Their Communities.But What Are The Magic Ingredients That Make These Companies Unique Why And How Does Their Approach Work In Such Widely Varying Industries And What Lessons Can We Learn From Them A Fresh, Inspirational Guide To Business Strategy, Small Giants Will Help Any Entrepeneur Consider New Directions To Make Their Company Great. This is a profile of 14 companies that chose to focus on being great at what they do rather than on growing their company in size despite many opportunities to do so The author finds several links between them 1 The owners realized they had a choice of what kind of company they would be and didn t just settle on following normal understanding of what kind of growth a company should aim for2 They overcame pressure to give up control of their company to investors for the sake of growth3 They were intimately tied to the community they were involved in4 They had strong, real connections with their customers and suppliers5 They had uniquely compassionate workplaces6 They created unique company structures that likely wouldn t work for other companies 7 Their leaders loved what they didBurlington did a great job of reminding us that to succeed you should just be real and don t worry about artificial growth If you care about what you do and about the people you serve you will succeed, insha Allah Alt
Too much story, too little message. Once in awhile you read a book and feel an immediate connection to it the stories within I read this several years ago, at a time when we were struggling to find business advice that felt like it fit the way we wanted to run a business And lo and behold, it turns out that there are companies out there r
What I liked best about the book was how well the author captured the spirit of the small business owners He narrates their stories with compassion, keen insight and honesty While I don t know that I experienced any great revelations as I shared in their journeys, I did find myself real
One of the best business books with case studies on how you can build a long term purposeful business and not just wanting to exit. Loved this book, first business book that I ve really bonded with a survey of innovative businesses across the U.S that have chosen to conduct their bizzes with heart, mojo , care for their community, customers, and employees while being consistently profitable as well as have longevity The survey includes clif bar, a machine shop, fashion de
I don t typically read business books, so I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this one The idea that a company can exist for a purpose other than just making the most money possible is very appealing to me I found the companies in this
I love the concept When I think of the company I will start some day, that s what I imagine The material, from 2005, feels oddly dated Perhaps that s because I work in tech and am constantly reading about business models in technology and software The book reads a bit like the age before the Inte
The book is a look behind the scenes of several very different companies which declined to grow beyond a certain size and focused on founders and employees instead.In the end, it s all about the people companies
I have worked on a fair number of business cases the past few weeks A no of companies I worked on set their main objective to be the no 1 player in their industry I also came across companies driven by purpose, like Ant Financial which envisions to bring equal opportunities to everyone in the world, not just the rich I have been wondering for sometime Why must companies grow to become the market leader Why must management seek to grow revenues by X% year on year Shareholders expect returns from their investments and the management is obliged to fulfill shareholder s expectations List 5 companies that come to your mind first I m pretty sure most all of them are public companies Bo Burlingham s book opened up my view to successful private companies The author chooses to highlight small companies which refuse to grow bigger Their customers love their products and services but these Small Giants remain small because of these reasons Control over the Company Operations Intimate ties with the employees Intimate ties with the customers communityVirgin is an example not mentioned in the book that you will relate to Yes, Virgin is a small Giant Virgin has 48 planes in its fleet, compared to British Airways 272 Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Group is known for its stellar customer service and its hugely possible due to its s