Brighton Castle (A Worlds Apart Novel)

Brighton Castle (A Worlds Apart Novel) When Daphne Learns That Her Boyfriend, Cameron, Has Died In A Car Crash, She Thinks Her Life Is Over He Was The Only One That Understood Her, The Only One Who Truly Loved Her She Pushes Her Already Alienated Family Further Away Her Best Friend Struggles To Help, But Daphne Doesn T Want Anyone S Help She Just Wants Cameron She Sinks Into A Deep Depression, The Kind Where Death Is The Only Way Out Cameron S Soul Travels To A New World, One Very Different From Earth The Only Memories He Has From His Old Life Are Those Of The Girl He Left Behind He Has Forgotten Everything Else Cameron Is Desperate To Be Reunited With Her And Will Do Anything To Get Her Back Even Risk Going To Helyse, The Cold Version Of Hell.Against All Odds, Cameron Is Given The Job Of Soul Seeker He Is Able To Travel To Different Worlds In The Universe To Search For Souls That Will Be A Good Fit For His New World He Uses His New Power To Sneak Back To Earth But Will He Save Her Can They Stay Together Is There A World Left That Will Take Both Of Them There S Only One Way To Find Out