NIV, The Jesus Bible, eBook

NIV, The Jesus Bible, eBook Discover Jesus In Every Book Of The Bible Jesus Isn T Just Found In The Gospels Of Matthew, Mark, Luke, And John His Presence Can Be Felt Throughout The Whole Bible, Even In Genesis The Jesus Bible Contains The Complete New International Version NIV With Daily Study Helps That Point To Jesus And Show How He Fulfilled The Prophecies For The Messiah Found In The Old Testament A Perfect Way To See The Overarching Narrative Of The Bible, The Jesus Bible Includes These Features Presentation Page For Personalization And Gift Giving Book Introductions Explain Where Jesus Appears In Each Book Of The Bible 365 Devotions Revolve Around The Sightings Of Jesus In The Old Testament And His Life And Teachings In The New Testament Application Notes To Help Apply Jesus Teachings To Real Life Today Hundreds Of Clues Highlight The Promises Prophesies Made About Jesus In The Old Testament And The Fulfillments In The New Testament Index Of The Old Testament Prophecies Fulfilled In Christ List Of Jesus Miracles And Parables Timeline Of Jesus Life Lineage Of Jesus Concordance To Help Find Key Topics, People, And Events In The Bible This hard cover Bible is sure to inspire your young Tween to Teen Child It shows Jesus words in red It is set up like an adult Bible with helps such a table of weights and measures, index of devotions, index of hints of the Savior Jesus revealed, concordance and much, much There is also a listing of the books of the Old and New Testaments in order and also in alphabetical order I loved reading through this Bible I was especially impressed with all of the study helps in easy to understand format One of the things that I really loved was the simplified Family Tree of Jesus It was so easy to understand, showing the father s line, God s line and mother s line I also liked the Miracles of Jesus page, and the Time Line of Jesus Life The Bible ends with pictures of the Biblical times maps There isn t anything that I didn t like about this Bible I really wish that KJV would publish a Bible like this for children who attend church where they use only the KJV B
Don t let the title fool you This is not the Bible Jesus used nor an encyclopedia of Jesus It is, however, the full Old and New Testament in the New International Version that gives pointers to finding Jesus in every book of the Bible.It was produced with kids in mind The words of Jesus are in red, there is a nice concordance in the back to help with topics of interest.Each book has an introduction that provides the Where s Jesus in , quick devotionals are scattered inside, application boxes to help someone live like Jesus are found with the text and th