Sexual Subjects

Sexual Subjects Sexual Subjects, A Psychoanalytic Book Informed By Gender Theory, Queer Theory And Feminism, Addresses The Tensions Inherent In Writing About Lesbians And Sexuality In The Postmodern Age Adria Schwartz Masterfully Intertwines Clinical Anecdotes With Engaging Theoretical Questions That Examine The Construction Of Important Categories Of Identity Woman, Feminist, Mother, Lesbian, And Homo Hetero Bisexual Schwartz Also Addresses Specific Issues Which Are Problematic But Nonetheless Meaningful To Self Identified Lesbians Such As Roles In Gender Play, Lesbian Bed Death, And Raising Non Traditional Families Written From A Psychoanalytic And Postmodern Perspective, This Book Is A Significant Contribution To The Work Done On The Conceptualization Of Lesbian Sexuality And Identity.