People in Quandaries: The Semantics of Personal Adjustment

People in Quandaries: The Semantics of Personal AdjustmentThis Is A Book About The Problems We Have In Trying To Live With Ourselves And With Each Other These Problems, Together With Ways Of Dealoing With Them, Are Discussed From The Point Of View Of General Semantics This Point Of View Emphasizes Those Aspects Of The Scientific Method That Are Useful In Daily Living. This was a difficult book to read My friend challenged me to read this book.By the time I was through, I had a much refined and precise understanding of language, communication, and the neurological impact of our communications.It takes commi
Recommended in The first 50 pages suggested, like many books, that clarifying insight would answer restless questions harbored by many of us about the problems we have in trying to live with ourselves and with each other first sentence The ideals of the maladjusted are high in three chief respects In the first place, they are high in the sense that they are vague Being vague, they are difficult to recognize being difficult to recognize, they appear to be elusive It is the consequent misfortune of the individual whose ideals are vaguely defined that he has no sure way of determining whether or not he has attained them He maintains, therefore, the disquieting belief that he has failed and he becomes increasingly convinced that his ideals are difficult to reach Ideals that are difficult to achieve, although it may be primarily because one remains uncertain of whether or not one has achieved them, have the practical effect of high ideals IFD disease idealism to frustration to demoralization Common among college students Hahaha The Verbal Cocoon derives
Published 1945

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