Discerning Critical Hope in Educational Practices

Discerning Critical Hope in Educational Practices How Can Discerning Critical Hope Enable Us To Develop Innovative Forms Of Teaching, Learning And Social Practices That Begin To Address Issues Of Marginalization, Privilege And Access Across Different Contexts At This Millennial Point In History, Questions Of Cynicism, Despair And Hope Arise At Every Turn, Especially Within Areas Of Research Into Social Justice And The Struggle For Transformation In Education While A Sense Of Fatalism And Despair Is Easily Recognizable, Establishing Compelling Bases For Hope Is Difficult This Book Addresses The Absence Of Sustained Analyses Of Hope That Simultaneously Recognize The Hard Edges Of Why We Despair.The Volume Posits The Notion Of Critical Hope Not Only As Conceptual And Theoretical, But Also As An Action Oriented Response To Despair Our Notion Of Critical Hope Is Used In Two Ways It Is Used Firstly As A Unitary Concept Which Cannot Be Disaggregated Into Either Hopefulness Or Criticality, And Secondly, As An Analytical Concept, Where Critical Hope Is Engaged And Diversely Theorized In Ways That Recognize Aspects Of Individual And Collective Directions Of Critical Hope The Book Is Divided Into Four Sub Sections Critical Hope In Education Critical Hope And A Critique Of Neoliberalism Critical Race Theory Postcolonial Perspectives On Critical Hope Philosophical Overviews Of Critical Hope Education Can Be A Purveyor Of Critical Hope, But It Also Requires Critical Hope So That It, As A Sector Itself, Can Be Transformative With Contributions From International Experts In The Field, The Book Will Be Of Value To All Academics And Practitioners Working In The Field Of Education