Changeling Storytellers Guide

Changeling Storytellers Guide The Gates To Arcadia, The Original Paradise, Are Closed Only The World Of Humanity Remains Without Any Awareness Of Our True Nature, Humankind Crushes Us Beneath Its Banal Heel Joy And Laughter Are Gone Only The Dreaming Remains.We Are Changelings, The Forgotten Ones, Neither Fully Fae Nor Wholly Mortal The Last Of Our Kind On Earth, We Have Built Ourselves An Invisible Kingdom We Are Everywhere, Yet You Have Never Seen Us We Hide, Not Behind Some Fragile Masquerade, But In Plain Sight With The Power Of Our Glamour We Exist Within A Real World Of Make Believe Where Imaginary Things Can Kill And Pretend Monsters Are Real.The Changeling Storytellers Guide Picks Up Where The Changeling Rulebook Leaves Off And Offers A Plethora Of New Information, From Rules Clarifications To New And Advanced Systems For Handling Fae Magic And Puts It All In The Storyteller S Hands Included Are New Settings And New Rules For Expanding The Boundaries Of Your Changeling Chronicle.

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  • Paperback
  • 139 pages
  • Changeling Storytellers Guide
  • Mark Hunter
  • English
  • 16 July 2018
  • 9781565047082