Jessicas Journey Dramatic Audio

Jessicas Journey Dramatic Audio Hesba Stretton, Under The Influence Of Her Mentor Charles Dickens, Exposed This Darkness Through Her Stories Soon To Become One Of The Most Popular Writers Of The 19th Century, She Won Widespread Fame For Her Book Jessica S First Prayer Before Long It Had Sold At Least A Million And A Half Copies, Outselling Alice In Wonderland By Nearly Ten Times As Many Today, We Bring Hesba Stretton S Story To Life As A World Class Audio Drama, Jessica S Journey As A Web Of Characters Become Entangled With The Knowledge Of Their Past Sins, A Minister, A Miser, And An Unfit Mother Each Encounter A Miraculous Redemption Through Their Connection With The Little Jessica And Her Answer To Prayer. I remember reading the original books that this audio drama is based off of a long time ago, but I didn t remember much of the story line It was beautiful the way Lamplighter Theatre brought it to life. My review is like 4.5 I love all the lamplighter theatre, And once again they did a great job. I ve listened to this numerous times with my family It really is a touching story. Listened to this audio a couple of years ago We all loved it One worth listening to over and over Deals with alcoholism, abuse, and neglect..krb 7 25 16 Excellent story of redemption. Jessica was a bit on the angelic side, but I still loved this story Her simple faith, and choice to always love were so sweet I wish it could have been longer.