Astleys Circus - The Story of an English Hussar

Astleys Circus - The Story of an English Hussar This Is The Story Of One Of The Most Famous And Popular Entrepreneurs Of The 18th Century A Man Dubbed The Father Of The Modern Circus Philip Astley Was A Teenager Who Yearned For Adventure And Above All Who Wanted To Work With Horses He Served In The British Army In The Seven Years War, Learning How To Train Horses For Battle, And Then Left To Find His Fortune In London Giving Riding Lessons And Putting On Exhibitions Of Trick Riding In Doing So He Came Up With A Formula For Entertaining Thousands, With His Demonstrations Of Clowning On Horseback, Juggling, Rope Walking And Acrobatics He Dazzled With Fireworks, He Impressed With Colour And He Amazed His Audiences With Re Enactments Of Battles And Sieges In Doing So He Launched The Modern Circus, Building Circus Premises Across Europe And Inspiring Others To Follow The Trail Which He Blazed It Is A Story Of Courage And Resilience, And Of How One Man, In The Right Place At The Right Time, Achieved A Remarkable Success In The Field Of Popular Entertainment This Version Is Heavily Illustrated Throughout, Thirty Of The Illustrations Being In Colour. The author traces young Phillip Astley from his early days as a carpentry apprentice through his successful career as a horse trainer in the German War and then to his development of the modern circus, although as the author points out he never used the word circus in connection with his entertainments The story of Astley s Amphitheatre continues are Phillip Astley s death in 1814 and his son s in 1821, until it was finally closed in 1893 and the final building built by a successor in 1895.You may not have realized that Astley s performances were not exclusively held in his location south of Westminster Bridge He took his horses, performers, wooden structures, and all on tour in various parts of England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and, when war was not a barrier to the continent He was revered by many, including Marie Antoinette, who called him le plus bel homme d Europe and presented his son with a gold medal set with diamonds His French theatre was appropriated by the revolutionaries, of course, but when a temporary peace occurred in 1803, he not only was given an audience with Napoleon Bonaparte, but was granted reparations by said monarch But his most valuable connection was with King George III, who assisted him with various licensure problems and even made a bow to him at one point, which was a sp

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