The Last Judgement (Elijah Hael #1)

The Last Judgement (Elijah Hael #1) A Thought Provoking Story Of Love, Life And Death, The Afterlife, And Spiritual Warfare.I Am Dead This Is My Funeral.Elijah Turned To Look At Castiel Who Looked Back At Him And Nodded Gently.And In That Instant Everything Changed, In Ways That Elijah Hael And Those Who Read His Story Could Never Anticipate Or Imagine.Enter A World Of Intrigue, Suspense, Wonder And Living Energy Where Our Souls Are Battled Over, Unseen By Many But Experienced By All.Don T Miss The Opportunity To Join Elijah Hael On His Spellbinding, Dazzling And Unforgettable Journey Through His Life To His Destiny An Adventure, Infused With Christian Values, You Ll Never Forget Those Who Enjoy An Uplifting, Challenging, Touching Story Will Adore This Novel.See At Having seen this book on facebook I was intrigued by the idea so bought it to see if it was as good as the blurb intimated it would be I was not disappointed The story is a very rare original idea Not just a re write of someone elses idea as is usually the case with most books nowadays.The story is well researched, I found myself googling character names, words and places and found that they fitted well with the plot, not just a random name without any
I have had the privilege to see an advanced copy of the manuscript for this book I have read this book four times so far The author has put a lot of work into this novel and it shows Many first time authors make plot mistakes, or there are a lot of errors that make the novel hard to read None of that is present here The characters are very engaging and you constantly want to know what is going to happen to the main character Elijah A lot of thought and research went into writing this novel.I would highly recommend this novel to someone who is looking for a good story that is built around morals and decency which is lacking in a lot of contemporary literature There are a lot of faith based elements here, but it never gets too preachy There is a
I found Elijah Hael and The Last Judgement a thoroughly enjoyable book to read I was deeply invested in the characters of the book, which, when I read a novel it is what I am looking for While I received advanced copies of the manuscript before editing, I still found the plot easy flowing and characters engaging I found my emotions were stirred constantly throughout the book yes, I shed a tear or two , and the
Received free copy from the Author I was a little slow getting into this book, after coming off a bad book streak BUT so happy to have picked this book up It was an interesting storyline, not one I would normally seek out The story was fresh and even though I don t read or enjoy rel
I discovered Steve Goodwin s books advertised on Facebook I was immediately drawn to them after reading the plot and also because he is an Australian Christian author In my Christian fiction library, I do not have many Australian Christian authors, so to find another who writes in the genre I follow is worthy of my support Elijah Hael and the Last Judgement is the first in a series of novels This one concerns the death of Elijah from a bicycle accident He finds himself in a strange place being interrogated over incidents in his past Confused, he does not understand why this is happening Another man, Castiel, interrupts this interrogation and takes him away where he is shown significant aspects of his life where Castiel and Elijah comment on these events We see how these events, both good and bad, have impacted Elijah and made him the man he is All these events range from childhood through to his death Elijah begins to understand that he is in the afterlife and Castiel is an angel Through these observances of Elijah s life, clues are laid as to why this is happening leading to a decis
4.5 stars Life was never designed to be easy, Juliana Life is designed to allow humans to grow, to feel, and most importantly to learn To learn, sometimes you have to feel the worst pain imaginable The deeper the pain the stronger the love you develop in the end I was given this book by the author for an honest review This is a very emotional coming of age drama The story is about a man named Elijah and his life when he was alive and his transition into his afterlife Most of the story is about Elijah s life when he was alive He is brought to past life experiences that gave him great meaning in life There were parts of the story that were very emotional because some events were traumatic I was on an emotional rollercoaster while I was reading this story from the beginning to the very end It has been a while where I ve read a story that has put me through so many different emotions I enjoyed reading about Elijah s life and I felt like I understood him to a point I learned about how he grew up and how he lived up until his death but I still did not connect with him as a person I think there could have been descriptions on his emotions in some of his life events The emotions that were described were very short and concise After everything that Elijah went through, I thought his emotions, feelings and thought process
Elijah Hael and The Last Judgement Steve Goodwin 2013 December Software Development Pty Ltd Pages 325 Source Ebook purchased First sentence What is your name Elijah looked around, puzzled.Premise Plot Elijah Hael has died The journey has not ended in fact it has only begun We will follow him as he rewatches the highs and the lows of his life Then its time to see what the rest of the journey is for Elijah.My thoughts I truly enjoyed reading this book I found that I had an incredibly hard time putting it down The pacing was good there were a few points where the pace felt a little off for me because it would get fast then slow down then speed back up, but overall it was a great read I felt that the authors take on what happe
This is a story of what happens after you die it uses the Christian version which, although I am not of that religion, did not detract from the storyline Is there really a heaven or hell do angels really look after us here on earth without us knowing Are we manipulated from above by forces beyond our control I know I have often had the feeling that someone or something was watching out for me and saved me from well you know what I mean Whether you ar
I found this book really interesting and a new spin on how Angels are formed And that no matter how dark you think things are, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel That maybe there is hope for everybody.I would read this book again and I would recommend it to other readers.Thank you to G
I must start by saying I am not a fan of books unless I am studying a topic However Once I started reading this book I could not put it down Very much enjoyed the story and the portrayal of the different characters As much as it is a Christian book