A Miracle of Hope

A Miracle of Hope How Far Can God S Mercy Reach Lindie Wyse Is Pregnant Out Of Wedlock And Thinks An Arranged Marriage Is The Only Way To Preserve Her Future Josiah Plank Is Certain He Ll Never Love Again, But He Needs Someone To Care For His Eight Year Old Daughter, Hannah The Two Take On Their Arrangement Tentatively At First But Soon Realize They Are Each In For Than They Imagined.Lindie Experiences A Breakthrough With Hannah When She Recognizes Hannah S Special Gifts, But A Risky Pregnancy And Serious Health Issues Threaten To Demolish The Foundation Josiah And Lindie Are Building Will Their Growing Love Survive Despite Their Struggles, Or Will Their Hearts Become As Cold As The Northern Winter If you re looking for a contemporary romance with an old fashioned feel, then these days Amish fiction is the way to go Lately stories in the genre have evolved into than just stories of the simple life, in peaceful little communities in Ohio and Pennsylvania to Florida and the western reaches of the United States Not only have the settings changed, but I ve found that they ve become even romantic Authors like Shelley Shepard Gray, Kelly Long, and now Ruth Reid have really amped up it up when it comes to the love stories between the couples in their books and I for one love it There s nothing boring about these books and I ve found most to be a lot unique and interesting than any other books in the Christian fiction genre.The latest Plain tale, A Miracle of Hope, although not the first book by author Ruth Reid, is the first story of her s that I have read and I m happy to say, it s a winner I m a sucker for marriage of convenience stories and this one hooked me from the first Lindie was a sweet, shy character, who didn t really have a say in the matter of moving to a new state to marry a virtual stranger It was nice to see her come out of her shell in spite of the con
The best Amish fiction I ve read yet this year This was such a wonderful story I think it has to be the best Amish fiction that I ve read this year so far I was really captivated by Lindie s story from the first page I was impressed by this book I can tell y all right now lol The story does have drama and very interesting situations which made it all the desirable to read by the moment This is the first book by Ruth Reid that I ve read and I was very intrigued by how well she wrote this story.Josiah Plank was a very sweet hero The romance wasn t mushy The worst thing I can t stand in a book is very mushy romance The romance was handled very well in this book.The book is true to its name and it s truly miraculous If you ever read it you ll understand why I had never seen that written in a christian novel before I thoroughly enjoyed most of the characters in the book I believe that the author did a very good job with the character development and plot I really liked the theme of a marriage of convenience throughout the story For some reason I m drawn to mail order brides and marriages of convenience To me it was a pretty clean and decent book with the theme of marriage of convenience as the plot I really commend the author keeping it that way because all I want is to read a very entrancing stor
A Miracle of Hope was fantastic from start to finish I loved the two main characters, Lindie and Josiah Lindie was just so obviously lost and overwhelmed with her situation, but she still tried to be the best wife in name only she could be to Josiah And Lindie struggled so much with his daughter, Hannah, but she was determined to do the best by her that she could.Josiah caught my heart from the beginning He was dealing with so much from the past few years The death of his wife, the death of his mother, and a daughter who seemed to have retreated into her own little world I loved that he was very clear about what this marriage would entail, but then ended up being a very caring man towards Lindie.The progression of events in this book was perfect The way Josiah and Lindi dealt with each other,
Young, unwed and pregnant, Lindie was scorned in her community, and her brother arranged for her marriage of convenience to his best friend Josiah s first wife had died suddenly, leaving him to raise his young daughter alone Born deaf, Josiah s daughter needed someone to look after her, and Josiah needed a helpmate to run the household Lindie s brother escorted her by bus from Ohio to the North Woods of Michigan s Upper Peninsula After her initial meeting with Josiah he announced his feelings regarding the marriage I m nett capable of falling in love again Your bruder is mistaken if he s told you otherwise Even in time, I won t Isolated and far from home and family, loneliness and a sick stomach were Lindie s constant companions throughout the days A life of despair lurked as she worked through the details of her life.Ruth Reid is a new author to me I must say that she has a new fan This is a book that I couldn t put down, even when I should have been asleep The hours flew by as I read the story of Lindie, Josiah and Hannah, a withdrawn and shy 8 year old The obstac
As I have written about in many past reviews, I am an Amish fiction fan I have become much discriminating in my tastes concerning this genre, and authors with whom I am not familiar don t generally get and easy 5 star rating And as I began reading this book, I wasn t too taken with Ruth Reid s writing style It was hard to follow, and I thought that the story may not be all the intriguing But I continued to read with an open mind.Once I realized the difficult issues both Josiah and Lindie had to face, I found my interest growing immeasurably Rape and cancer are hot topics even in today s post modern society, but when placed within the Amish framework, it is even intense Throw in a deaf mute child and arranged marriage without love and you have a recipe for potential disaster But all the reader needs to do is read the title to get an inkling of how the book e
Just like facebook asks what are you thinking, I am asking myself what my thoughts are about this book Here goes I think this is probably the best book that Ruth has written, I have enjoyed all her books that I have read to this point, but this book was the best of them all Don t get me wrong the other books were good, but this one just stood out for me I enjoyed the storyline, I thought her writing was crisp and clear, and she told the story wonderfully A great book, with a great ending that I wont give any spoilers on I loved Lindie, and I also got exasperated by her unwillingness to open up and share what had happened to her My heart broke for Hannah, and I wanted to take all her hurts away, just a young child with so much hurt in her life, loosing her mother, and now a new change Great storyline, and I loved the sitting too I love Michigan
This book reminds me of a mail order bride story, only with an Amish twist I can t even imagine, being a mail order wife, but having my brother arrange my future, and away from everyone This is what happened to Lindie Wyse, she has no choice, she is expecting another man s baby.Josiah had moved to Michigan and was working in his father in laws mill His wife was killed a few years ago, and he is now alone with his eight year old daughter He has had a hard time raising her, and working His daughter, Hannah, is deaf, and a hand full.I enjoyed the interaction that goes on in this very small community Most seem to welcome Lindie with open arms, although she is, unknown to them, a wife in name only Yes, Josiah still is in love with his deceased wife, and knows he can never love another There are some hard times coming for these young people Can they over come their differences, and become a
A Recommended Read A Miracle of Hope, the first novel in Ruth Reid s The Amish Wonders series, is a delightful story of faith and unexpected love This incredibly heartwarming romance is beautifully written with a compelling storyline but it is the extraordinary cast of characters that completely stole my heart.Unmarried and pregnant, Lindie Wyse is out of options when she agrees to an arranged marriage with her brother s friend, Josiah Plank Starting over in a new community with an older husband is difficult but Lindie is determined to be a good wife and mother to Josiah s daughter, Hannah Her feelings about her pregnancy are ambivalent and she is struggling to bond with her unborn child Lindie s new life is also complicated by her inability to communicate with Hannah and her uneasiness around her new husband In the beginning, Lindie is quite shy and timid She is also very reluctant to discuss her past and the circumstances surrounding her pregnancy She is undergoing a slight crisis of faith as she tries to understand God s plan for her and her baby Lindie tries to be an obedient wife but she does not hesitate to voice her opinions where Hannah is concerned She lets her instincts guide her relationship with her young stepdaughter and Hannah soon begins to flourish under Lindie s care Still deeply mourning the death of his wife Caroline, Josiah never thought he would remarry but he agrees to a marriage of c
About the Book Lindie Wyse is pregnant out of wedlock and thinks an arranged marriage is the only way to preserve her future Josiah Plank is certain he ll never love again, but he needs someone to care for his eight year old daughter, Hannah The two take on their arrangement tentatively at first but soon realize they are each in for than they imagined.Lindie experiences a breakthrough with Hannah when she recognizes Hannah s special gifts, but a risky pregnancy and serious health issues threaten to demolish the foundation Josiah and Lindie are building Will their growing love survive despite their struggles, or will their hearts become as cold as the northern winter About the Author Ruth Reid is a CBA and ECPA best selling author of the Heaven on Earth series She s a full time pharmacist who resides in Florida with her husband and three children.My Review What fear young Lindie must of felt as she met with her soon to be husband An arranged marriage indeed, one that she was not only prepared for but was one that was sprang on her just days prior to meeting Josiah Not only was she nervous about this whole arrangement but she was so far from her homefamily, and in a new district all complete with morning sickness Poor Lindie doesn t really know what to think or how to feel about this man that has
Josiah Plank, a widower friend of Eli Wyse, has agreed to marry Eil s sister, Lindie He has promised to give Lindie his name but not his heart Eli takes Lindie to Michigan where Josiah lives, when they get off the bus Josiah asks to talk to Lindie privately He has the money for her return ticket if she doesn t want to marry him, what he doesn t know is that Lindie feels like she has no choice Lindie will not only be Eli s wife but she will care for his eight year old deaf daughter, Hannah.Lindie is in a tough situation since she has to learn to communicate with Hannah, live with a man she doesn t love and is pregnant Josiah didn t want a wife but needed help with his daughter and with keeping his home up They both thought they d suffered enough heartache but there is to come Hannah runs away a lot and keeps to herself, she likes to draw and seems to special gift from God.I absolutely loved this book and wish I knew how to express how much I enjoyed it I read it in two days which is very good for me with a book of this length I loved the story, the characters and the events Ruth did a fantastic job with this story and I am really looking forward to the next book and I can t even find a title for it This book is du