The Jewel Garden

The Jewel Garden THE JEWEL GARDEN Is The Story Of The Garden That Over The Past Decade Has Bloomed From The Muddy Fields Around The Dons Tudor Farmhouse, A Perfect Metaphor For The Monty And Sarah S Own Rise From The Ashes Of A Spectacular Commercial Failure At The Same Time THE JEWEL GARDEN Is The Story Of A Creative Partnership That Has Weathered The Greatest Storm, And A Testament To The Healing Powers Of The Soil In His Weekly Column For The Observer, Monty Don Has Always Been Candid About The Garden S Role In Helping Him To Pull Back From The Abyss Of Depression THE JEWEL GARDEN Elaborates On This Much Further Written In An Optimistic, Autobiographical Vein, Monty And Sarah S Story Is Truly An Exploration Of What It Means To Be A Gardener. Fascinating take of the Don s life and strugglesI guess that watching Gardeners World every Friday that viewers think that Monty Don has a great life, who wouldn t like to spend their days in the garden It was fascinating to read about their early life together, the jewellery business, Month s depression, the family and his they struggled through some really tough times Abov
EnjoyableAn interesting biographical account of their lives, gives flesh to the brutality of unemployment, the despair of failure and joy of the countryside.Left me respecting and admiring Mr M Don even , it s no wonder I enjoy him on TV so much. I wanted pictures of their garden I m also sad that no one really calls Montagu by the name that made him famous, Monty But alas. Really enjoyable read..Really enjoyed this book Well written and very interesting insight into Monty Sarah Dons lives before gardening and television fame.