Countdown to Terror

Countdown to Terror A Gripping Terrorist Thriller With Impressive Research And Incisive Analysis Into Who Dunnit And Why During The Spring And Early Summer Of 2012, Against The Backdrop Of The Diamond Jubilee And The Build Up To The Olympics A Group Of Idealist Young Men Are Being Prepared To Form An Islamist Terrorist Cell In Manchester.Their Mentor A Firebrand Immigrant Cleric From Baghdad Is Protected By Hussein, A Ferociously Hard Man From A Small Village In Afghanistan Both Have Reasons To Hate But Are They The Same On A Short Break To The British Museum London, A Plea For Help From A Young Woman, Embroils The Gent In A Terrorist Plot, What Or Who Is The Target Complexities Abound, And A Frantic Search In London Ensues To Discover The Terrorist S Hideout And What The Target Is In Order To Prevent Disaster On A Massive Scale I was able to read an advance reader copy of this novel I wanted to like this , but I DID like it This first book does suffer with pacing issues and there are still some editing issuesBut this race against time thru the streets of London was interesting and fast paced The Gent is worthy of another bookthere is back story the author s keeping under wraps, maybe for book 2 We never know his name, and his former profession as an analyst for a government agency is all very murkybut, boy, does he know how to analyze situationsobserve and make decisions As fascinating as he was, tho, for me the other characters seemed cardboard cut outs And there were so many characters that I had to stop when a new one entered a scene and remind myself who he was.The parenthetical explanations of the British initialisms drove me batty I don t know how to get the reader that background information elegantly, but this isn t it There was almost too much information about the various law enforcement and spy agencies I can see why, because the Gent connects them all into a working unitI get that

[PDF / Epub] ✅ Countdown to Terror  ⚣ Trevor Burton –
  • Paperback
  • 318 pages
  • Countdown to Terror
  • Trevor Burton
  • 15 October 2019
  • 9781490900490