Those Who Dwell in the Thorns

Those Who Dwell in the Thorns Catherine Has Always Done What Is Right And Proper She Married A Wealthy Man She Hardly Knew Because It Was Expected Of Her She Too Had Certain Expectations About Her Life She Wanted To Be A Good Wife, To Manage His Household And Someday Bear His Children That All Changed When She And Her Husband, Edward, Are Attacked On Their Way To Their Home, Thornwood Manor They Are Saved By Her Husband S Gardener, The Mysterious Mr Thorn After The Attack, Only Catherine And Mr Thorn Seem To Remember Anything About It In Fact, He Seems To Know A Lot About Catherine, Though They Have Never Met Before.Catherine Would Rather Look The Other Way And Pretend She Does Not See People Disappearing Or That She Feels An Inexplicable Draw To The Shrouded Woods Behind Her New Home When Catherine Is Confronted With The Past She Would Rather Forget, She Must Realize That A Normal Life Was Never Something That Was Meant For Her. I loved this book It caught my interest from the beginning and I could not put it down until I finished it Now only to await the next chapter in Catherine s life Hopefully it will not be to far off in the future I be waiting patiently, although I m waiting on pins and needles There are very few authors that catch my feeling of I have to read the next next until I ve read it within a day or two When I do I usually then read evrything they have, so I ll be nose deep in the Diviner s Tril
I loved every moment of this book Normally I prefer one character s perspective even if a novel changed points of view, but I found myself pulled in rather equally to all points of view This book seemed to just fly by The setting it created
Excellent book What an imagination this author has Would like a follow up. I enjoyed the slight suspense and mystery It was an unusual but enjoyable read. I loved the preface but it went down hill from there it was very one demensional and the whole book read like a series of events and wasn t realy focused or enjoyable as a novel scenes should have been written instead of the summary that composed most of the writing. amazing one of a kind great characters. im hooked From the beginning this book had me enthralled I enjoyed the suspense in learning who and what Catherine is, or thought to be I must say that after being initially attacked, I was very surprised that neither Edward or Catherine could remember the previous night s event While I knew Catherine would run into Mr Thorn again, I was not prepared for him to be the gardner I was also a little