The Paperback Badshah

The Paperback BadshahIn Life You Can Choose To Become A Specialist Or A Generalist But In Love, Please Don T Become A Reluctant Fundamentalist Instead Become A Love Scientist Raghu BalakrishnanRaghu Balakrishnan Is A Laidback 25 Year Old, Who Quits His Regular Job As A Financial Advisor To Focus Single Mindedly On His Dream Of Becoming A Published Author In India He Stays With His Parents They Reluctantly Tolerate His New Found Creative Nonsense As He Works On His Book, A Love Story, Which He Titles The Paperback Badshah As Time Passes By, He Realizes That Writing The Book Is Just One Part Of The Dream.How Did One Go About Getting It Published What About The Marketing And Promotion What About Reactions From The Readers Would It Open Up The Faucets Of Love In Their Hearts Or Would It Irritate Them, Given The Sheer Absurdity Of The Plot Along The Way, Will Raghu Also Get Lucky In Matters Of The Heart Find Out By Joining Him In His Entertaining Journey, As He Chases His Writing Dream To Eventually Become A Published 100 Rupee Paperback Author. By Abhay Nagarajan Grade A The Paperback Badshah can be best described as a LOL and ROFL sort of a novel Yes, you will simply die laughing reading this comical journey of a wannabe author and his mis adventures A perfect remedy for broken hearts and depressed souls try this book and get back to your laughing and smiling ways.Srishti Publishers has churned out bestsellers in the past, often posing as a much needed platform for new authors who subsequently started ruling the roost with their light Indian fiction In Abhay Nagarajan they have found another storyteller with a lot of promise With his previous two novels, Corporate Atyachaar and The Off Site Tamasha scoring high in the best sellers list, Abhay successfully proves his mettle yet again.The plot revolves around Raghu Balakrishnan, 25, who works as a financial advisor However, he is often criticized by his supervisors for not performing his duties as per expectations He is rated as an underperforming resource Raghu nurses a secret dream to become an author He wants to write books and gather fame just like TB, whose works are loved by the youth but slammed hard by the literary critics To fulfill his aim, Raghu resigns from his job and starts working on his story named The Paperback Badshah Thus begins The Comical Journey of a 100 Rupee Author The novel is divided into parts, each one dealing with the different phases in Raghu s quest towar
1.5Foreword It has been some time since I received this book from both, the publisher and the author Due to the long stack of books piled for reviewing and the other author of blog, Srinivas doing little to help, I was pretty caught up So finally I completed completed this book and am reviewing itLet me start the review by thanking both of them for sending over their books Abhay, had sent all three of his books, yet published, for reviewing It was the first for us No author sent a mass of his books for reviewing It was quite a stunt because we couldn t quite rate the book as per author s expectation But come on, man, no soft corners when it come to reviews Honest and Unbiased Remember I hope just that the author takes it in good sport and wouldn t build up grudge on bad rating.Other books we received from Srishti can be see here BR with SrishtiReviews of other books of Abhay can be found here Abhay Nagarajan BooksPlot from the jacket In life you can choose to become a specialist or a generalist But in love, please don t become a reluctant fundamentalist Instead become a love scientist Raghu BalakrishnanRaghu Balakrishnan is a laidback 25 year old, who quits his regular job as a financial advisor to focus single mindedly on his dream of becoming a published author in India He stays with his parents They
The novel tells the story of Raghu Balakrishnan s journey from being a financial advisor to becoming an author At 25 he has a job that a lot of people would kill for and when he decides to give it up to give time to hi true passion of writing, his parents think he is committing the mistake of his life While under the spotlight of his family and relatives, he shuffles between writing motivational classes and actually working on his book But soon he realises that writing the book isn t just enough getting a publisher to its promotion, there s a long way ahead Plus what if readers do not like his book And then there s the matter of the heart First the plot I think it is a bit different in the sense that it handles the stage after the campus life that so many other authors have and are continuing to explore It talks about the struggles of a person and his choice of passion over profession I did like that aspect of this book In a country where all the parents want their children to grow up to be Doctors or Engineers or Management Gurus, we are often pushed to choose professionally fruitful line of study rather than vocational or artistic courses that our hearts truly want So yes, it was good to read about a person who chooses to give up a financial career to follow his heart an
The Paperback Badshah is the journey of Raghu Balakrishnan who leaves his job as a financial advisor to pursue his dream of becoming a writer The book starts off with Raghu at his work place being sick and tired of his job in which he has no interest Raghu comes from a slightly upper middle class family and can afford taking a break to complete his manuscript.He starts to work on his book, The Paperback Badshah which is supposed to be a love story All his friends make fum of him, that he is writing a love story when he himself has never been in love I thought Raghu was a sweet guy He really had no evil intent in mind and his thought processes were unique He could relate one random thing to another at the spur of the moment and make it into a ridiculous rhyme It was actually quite amusing The Paperback Badshah is supposed to be a comedy and there were some moments where I genuinely laughed out loud The jokes were sometimes a bit crude but over all it was a book filled with silly jokes.Those w
The Paperback BadshahThe comical journey of a 100 Rupee make the same mistakes while narrating the story as its protagonist fumbles all through as an author In the end result, the story is too long, convoluted and a well intention satirical tale on the journey of publishing a mass fiction reduces to a plodding sermon, quite literally The story flounders as and when the drama picks up but till the climax it falls apart like a pack of cards in a clunky, overblown ending which has very little justification or fun.Things are interesting right at the start when author of the book concentrates on the central protagonist ambitions seeing another successful author cracking cheap jokes and garner publicity on a book launch But as the story unfolds, there are long portions which have little significance to the narrative and just adds to the length of the book There
Complete Review HereThe Paperback Badshah The comical journey of a 100 Rupee author by author Abhay Nagarajan is a funny rendition of an aspiring Indian author to fulfill his dream of publishing a book Its about his journey and the mistakes he makes, his misadventures and the lessons learnt Its about facing roadblocks with regards to his dream of being a writer, creative challenges, publishing, marketing, promotions, feedback from readers etc.I found the writing to be sometimes creative and sometimes with PJ s As it is, there s a thin line between creativity and PJ The author has structured the book based on various stages of book writing and publishing Being a book published by Indian author, its bound to be error prone All I can say, its not as much as you would find in other books.Verdict One time read A time pass read I personally don t think there s anything out of the ordinary in this book I
The paperback badshah is about the comical journey of a Raghu who quits his job of a financial advisor to pursue his dream of getting published His debut tentatively titled as The Paperback Badshah and it is his journey of finding a publisher, the marketing and promotion and the realization that writing a book is just the beginning and there is much to it than just that I picked this book up without a bias I have
This book is a work of colossal make believe imaginative inscription with ingenious descriptions and conscientious language and is a straightforward anecdote put down in a graceful language, time and again mixed together by Hindi text On the other dispense, it is chalk and cheese in the comportment it has been taken care of with further than a small number of happenings completed at ple
Now a days, 100 rupee books are flooding the Indian market Every goddam person with a PC and half an ounce of imagination is becoming a published author, and their books too are selling because of the affordable price point The Pa
The book doesn t throw some insight into the publishing industry as such but what a author would go through If the author had written it as a warning to his fellow novice writers many chapter about the recommendations and partial decisions of t

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