Soul Broker (Souls #1)

Soul Broker (Souls #1) After Literally Bumping Into A Gorgeous Stranger, Mackenzie Succumbs To A Night Of Passion With Him When She Wakes Up, He S Gone But That S Only The Start Three Years Later, The Stranger, Drew, Shows Up And She S Pissed.Drew Isn T All He Seems, Either An Evil Greater Than He Can Battle Alone Wants Something That Belongs To Both Mackenzie And Himself Their Daughter They Fight To Find A Way To Keep Drew S Master From Taking Sophie, While Battling His Fellow Soul Brokers Who Are Fighting For Their Freedom.Unable To Defeat His Master Alone, Drew Asks His Father For Help Will They Survive Long Enough For His Deal To Be Brokered Or Will They Succumb To The Evil Of Drew S Master Tina has done it again That irresistible combination of sweet, sexy, smart but made a stupid decision and is punishing himself boy who has grown into a man with the weight of the world on his shoulders Drew is a Soul Broker who works for the demoness that tricked him into selling his soul so he could spend the rest of his days with the love of his life Now he must do the same to others, entering our realm to convince others to sell their souls.Mackenzie is a woman with a flare for life and a passion that draws Drew in like a moth to a flame Neither can resist the spark that flares between them Unfortunately Mackenzie is the one who gets burned when reality returns in the morning and she wakes up alone Drew is nowhere to be found No note No nothing Just gone.This first story in the Soul Series is about the consequences of selfishness and self indulgence It also shows us the path to forgiveness is long and steep but that we must learn to forgive ourselves
I was lucky enough to be a beta reader on this story It s a clever story with interesting twists that doesn t disappoint Tina s fast paced style shines in this novel. I liked this book, but for what it could be rather for than what it was I liked the writer s style a lot seriously, a LOT a lot, but was frustrated by the world building and character introduction I read a great deal of paranormal literature and it s becoming increasingly difficult to find original ideas and approaches in this genre Ms Pollick delivers this in spades There are several characters that are fascinating but their introduction was clunky and seemed forced and this book could have easily been extended by another hundred pages if care had been taken with inserting them into the plot and showing their relationships and links to other characters The two main characters were very well drawn but, again, could have been fleshed out and could have been shown rather than told if the book had been extended I did find the dialogue used for the child character irritating, but I think that s honestly a personal preference rather than anything lacking in the author I am left wanting not only because I liked and appreciated the author s style and the ideas presented here, but also because I feel cheated out of backstory and character building The dialogue and interractions are punchy and have good rythmn and the ambiguous nature of some of the characters are without a doubt fascinating and,again, something I ve rarely encountered in this genre and I will definitely be fo
My Take Soul Broker by Tina Pollick is a short story that follows Drew, a demi god that is a servant in the bowels of hell to a woman that is several fries short of a happy meal I kind of like Demoness Olesha Sure, she s a sadistic bitch and all but You have to admire a woman that knows exactly what she wants It all starts out when Drew is on earth to get a mans soul for his Master He spots Mackenzie, falls instantly in hard on, and the rest is history They live happily ever after.No, wait That s most romance books This isn t like that at all After a night in Mackenzie s arms, Drew is abruptly summoned back to his Masters presence, leaving Mackenzie to wonder what happened Three long years go by with Drew being chained to a wall for daring to fall for someone that wasn t his Master until one day Olesha sends him back out with a new mission Will he see Mackenzie again Will she forgive him for leaving her in the middle of the night Or will she run screaming in the opposite direction when she realizes just what Drew is getting her into Review I liked this book The characters seemed reall
From the first page, Tina weaves what you assume will be a Cinderella finding her prince tale except the prince is property of a demoness, and the princess can take care of herself, thank you very much Mackenzie hesitates to let Drew in, and he s just as hesitant to get too close Mutual desire proves too much to bear and OMFG holy hot scene right there and they spend a little time exploring each other s bodies Much to Mackenzie s discontent or full blown pissed off rage, should I say Drew is nowhere to be found And he left no way for her to get in contact with him.What she doesn t know is that Drew isn t all he s led her to believe He had no choice but to do as he was forced to, and he wasn t very happy about it Three years later, she s still on his mind yeay and he won t let his bitch master Tina s words take the soul of his daughter, or Mackenzie When these two are together, it s a clash up between heart melting sweetness and fabric singeing heat Soul Broker may be a
I was given this book before it s release date for an honest review and I really enjoyed it I love Tina s style of writing and how her characters interact with each other Especially the steamy scenes waggles eyebrows Soul Broker has plenty of humor, romance, and suspense A great build up for the rest of the series I loved how the characters Bumped into each other when they first met I often dream of meeting my future somebody the same way, lugging bags of groceries home, rounding a corner, then BAM Insta Happily Ever After Lol view spoiler Only Drew isn t a prince, but or less Demi god servant sex slave to a Demon named Olesha On a day he was brokering souls for her he ran into Mackenzie, they had a night of passion and jealous Olesha, ripp
4.5 Stars A fantastic readfor a short story I probably would ve given this story a complete 5 stars if it weren t so short Hopefully the next book in the series will be longer Anyways, there are many things I loved about this first book in the series and pretty much only 3 things I hate about it I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Mackenzie, the main character She s the badass lead female that I ve always dreamed of loving She s hilarious, strong, independent, and definitely anything but a damsel in distress She spoke low What I can t hear you, Drew said.Mackenzie said it again, a little louder I still can t you hear you, Mackenzie Mackenzie motioned for him to lower his head, Drew did.She kneed him in the nuts I said you re a fucking dick Drew fell to the ground, hands pressed to his groin I ll be over at the bench, When you can walk again, come over and we ll talk Love Her As for Drew, there wasn t much spot light for him to be the extremely manly knight in shining armor that leading males typically are, but he wasn t a coward either He manned up when he needed to when it came to Mackenzie and
I was given an ARC from the author, for an honest review and so I shall deliver Soul Broker is the first story I have ever read from Tina Pollick and I loved it It s a short novella, 54 pages worth of story But it s enough to wet my appetite for of this series and I really hope her next book that is due out on December 4th, 2013 Souls Unbound is a full length book.The Review The book starts out with Drew performing his duties as a Soul Broker A man is trading his soul to spend his life with a specific woman Drew hates his job, especially since he too was once a love sick fool who thought losing his soul for love was a worthy trade He didn t care whether the woman loved him back at the time, any than this guy or others have cared throughout the years They want what they can t have and nothing will stop them.Mackenzie in a rush to get home out of the chilly wind and her hands full of groceries, runs right into what she thought could only be a wall as solid as it was The wall turns out to be the handsome Drew They both immediately feel attraction towards each other that neither can fight Despite her rational thoughts of not being alone with a stranger and his master s invisible collar trying to pull him back to the other realm, they end up in Ma
Another spectacular story by Tina Pollick Thank you for an early read This page turner is all sexy, thrilling and frightening A perfect mix for a gripping read Three years prior, two jaded adults one who lives in our realm, and the other is a soul broker owned by an evil woman named Olesha in the depths of hell had a bump in literally as strangers, and realizing the chemistry between them, they figure it s time to give love another chance Drew is a complete flirt, and Mackenzie has this shy charm about her, which makes the agreement to have a dinner date the next night even the sweeter Especially when things took a naughty turn at the end of the night, Only, when Mackenzie wakes up the next morning and he s no where to be found, she s furious She has no earthly idea what he is, a mere soul broker trophy who was summoned back home that night, and spends the next three years chained in the throne room for his earthly encounter with the human girl.Things quickly become frightening when Olesha comes to Drew with a new task He must return to earth, revisit Mackenzie, and bring back what she feels, as his master, belongs to her His three year old daughter Sophie.He agrees to it, then us as a reader, we wonder
Due to an unrequited love, Drew is now a soul broker for an evil demoness in the bowels of hell It is his duty to gain souls by offering to give them the love of the person they long for When not on the mortal plane, Drew is chained with his other brokers and subjected to the most horrible of tortures.Mackenzie is hustling down the street with her arms loaded with groceries when she is literally knocked off her feet by a gorgeous stranger Feeling an instant connection, Mackenzie agrees to have coffee with the man Acting completely out of character, she has a wonderful night filled with passion with a man she just met Is it surprising that his has disappeared without a trace the next morning I bought this book with no expectations, but thought the blurb presented an interesting situation I am extremely happy to report that it was money well spent I instantly fell for Drew he was a tall blonde, my weakness He hated his situation but had given up hope of ever gaining his freedom Of course this pulled at my heart strings since his predicament was the result of love sigh Mackenzie was a suitable heroine She was strong, with hidden secrets that lead to her being a major reason people should give this book a read There are a couple of big surprises and some really promising sec