True Power

True Power NOW AVAILABLE Lillyanna Marie Dawson Is The Only One Of Her Kind A Strong Elemental Witch Who Is Able To Control All Four Elements, As Well As Anything Living.Forced To Flee From The Only Place She Could Call Home, She Trespasses On A Land Full Of Creatures Only Myths Spoke About One Full Of Vampires, Wolves And Hybrids Of Her Own Kind, Including Her Best Friend, Jack.At First Glance, A Deep Attraction Draws Them Together, But When She Finds Out The True Potential His Touch Holds, She Forces Her Feelings For Him Down And Concentrates On Keeping Everyone Safe From The Undead Witches, And Resdyn A Cursed Man Who Created Them.When The Undead Attack, And Lillyanna Is Captured, She Must Keep Resdyn From Taking Her Powers And Destroying Everything Before She Can Be Rescued But When She Unleashes Her True Power, It S She Who Must Be Stopped.Will She Survive Or Will Her Powers Kill Her First I absolutely LOVED this book from start to finish it had me hanging off the edge of my chair especially Lilly s relationships with Conner and Jack I couldn t wait to get to the end to see what happened the chemistry between all of the characters is brilliant and I m glad I got the ending that I wanted It also helped that this book covered everything a great book should have in it wolves vampires witches and magic it s definitely up
This thrilling paranormal book following Lillyanna, an elemental witch with incredible powers, is all kinds of crazy good crazy When Lillyanna is reunited with her long ago best friend, Jack, things just get insane Lilly joins Jack and a whole cast of his friends to battle Resdyn, a power hungry killer, to save witches, vampires and humans Can they conquer his curse before it s too late I l
To be honest, I was a bit lost at the beginning of this book The I read, the intrigued I got What an amazingly original plot Lillyanna is an elemental witch who is able to control all 4 elements She is unwilling to tap into her full power for fear she won t be able to control it When faced wit
This is one of those books that gets better as the story continues and grabs you and draws you right in to the action.And this is an action packed story one of the things I love about Natalie and her writing is she writes bloody good fight scenes and I always find myself picturing them in my head and shouting at my kindle for the characters to kick some ass.Another thing this Author does which I love is the way she write her main female character and that is strong and kick ass.I loved Lillyanna you instantly like her and when she finds herself face to face with her best friend Jack who she hasn t seen for a while well you can feel the attraction between them even if she does let anger get in the way And it does lead to some pretty hot sex between them but it does take something to happen for that t
So glad I had this incredible chance to read True Power by Natalie Hancock.The first in a series of Hidden Power Novels, Natalie takes on an exciting adventure Being taken into her world of paranormal characters was hypnotizing I never knew the number and different kinds of powers witches possessed From being able to control the elements to controlling minds The main character is forced to face the magnitude of her powers in order for her to save her friends and humanity She is not alone in her challenge and has many allies that fight with her to defeat this evil power Along with witches of differing powers, we are also treated to a cast of vampires, werewolves and even hybrids as well as the undead I loved watching how the books love triangle plays out and how our heroine comes to terms with the love she thought deserted her Despite their difference and negative feelings between the different groups,the characters must find a way to
I loved this book I read everyday, some books seem to be predictable, not this one It has something in it for everyone who like paranormal books The main character is witch who controls all of the elements and anything living but is unaware of her true powers and is afraid to test her control She feels betrayed by her best friend bc he s known all along exactly what she was and never told her She goes through a gauntlet of emotion that s tests her and her level of control with her new group of friends all while having to choose between two men, one who understands her feelings and can calm her down and the other who heats her blood, her body and used to have her love She now has to decide between a new guy or her best friend while she saves all mankind The only thing I complain about with books that get your
REVIEW What can I say about True Power by Natalie HancockI enjoyed this book so much it was hard to put it down Lillyanna is a Elemental Witch who has extreme powers and she has a hard time controlling those powers She teams up with a force of others who have various powers as well and they all go up against Resdyn who is cursed and has an army of undead Among these new friends she is reunited with her best friend Jack However things arent as they were She finds control in the arms of Connor But is that who her heart longs for If you want Action and Hot Romance and various paranormal beings.Then this is the book for you It was Fantastic I cant wait to read the next book. I give this book 5 stars. Anything that can keep my attention t
Lately, I ve felt as though the number of really good, attention grabbing books have been non existent I have bought book after book with no such luck I would read a chapter and put it down A book has to capture my attention, it has to keep me wanting to read True Power did that and It was action packed from the first page, I finished it within a few hours Never putting it down I love romance and action in a book And when you mix that combo with these awesomely created characters, how could it not be a great read Also, not to pick sides or anything, but Conner has his own team now Team Conner Note I originally gave this book a four and
True Power has the power to captivate your full attention Its a novel that will get you hooked with supernaturals, magic, action and romance The characters are admirable and heroic, meeting what ever is thrown at them head on You know its going to be a good story when the opening sequence is the main character Lillyana, waking up to find her bedroom covered in flames Shes on the run from those that hunt her and finds safety in an unexpected place If Lillyana can learn to trust in her powers and her self things might not be so bad, but given past experiences tha
This book was fantastic I was so caught up in it I read the whole thing this morning I really liked how strong Lillyanna is and how she took control of the situations she was in, if it was dealing with her best friend Jack or her power