12 Hours

12 Hours Sensitive, Realistic And Well Written 12 HOURS Is A Perfect Blend Of Love, Pain And Laughter Sanjay Chauhan Script Writer Of Paan Singh Tomar Every Hour Of Our Life Scripts A New Story And, Every Story Is Colored With A Different Feeling Love, Pain, Joy, Sorrow, Trust, Deceit, Excitement, Repentance, Respect, Humiliation, Loneliness And AngerWe All Have Been A Part Of These Intense Emotions, Which Our Heart Experiences We Grow Among Them, Feeling Them, Living Them Every Minute, Every Hour, And Our Life Is Incomplete Without Them 12 HOURS Is A Collection Of Twelve Engrossing And Beautifully Written Stories, Which Express Different Emotions And Pour Out The Essence Of Different Relationships Some Stories Will Make You Laugh, While Some Will Shed Your Tears Some Stories Will Spread A Lesson, While Some Will Electrify Your Spine Some Stories Will Make You Fall In Love, While Some Will Motivate You To Succeed Each Story Will Try To Touch One Or The Other Emotion That Is Nested Inside Us.In A Nutshell, Every Hour Of 12 HOURS Will Take You On A Completely Different Journey By Putting You Amid The Intriguing Lives Of The Various Characters, The Characters That Look Very Much Real Like All Of Us, The Characters That Belong To One Or The Other Hour Of Our Life. Reading this Amazing 12 emotions book 12 hours, is not a book its a blend of emotions the day i started reading i feel, connected with it soo deeply the stories they become a part of my life too I feel it each story had a deep impact on me I feel the happiness when Vinay a character share his ice cream with dr Anjali his love , I feel sad when I read the story He lost himself that day when I read the reason is you i feel hope nd desire can be fulfill by a hardwork named character heena her dreams were fulfill by her hardwork nd confident attitude and a Man who comes in her life to make her life meaningful After reading that I can say thank god Anwar came in her life Each story teaches something conveys message And As I am a wri
Wasted my 12 Hours by reading this book Since writing a book is an effort of work, I have given 1 star rating. Get ready to take a dip in a pool of happiness, sadness, truth, lies and other emotions that a man and a woman can undergo in their lives 12 stories for the readers and the book is not going to disappoint the readers A cue taken from everyday life of people around you and set with a lot of realism in them Only a couple of stories are predictable and not up to the mark Rest you need not spend 12 hours with it A good 4 5 hours and the book will take you on a ride of your life wit
I picked up this book for two reasons 1 good ratings on goodreads and 2.I never read collection of short stories and wanted to try one But probably not good choice to start..Very much ordinary story lines with very much ordinary writing style In most of the cases, I co
Pathetic An easy, quick and enjoyable read It s much better than I expected it to be because most of the stories have surprising twists and turns which keep you hooked The only major issue with the writing is the sheer number of grammatical errors It s strange that these were not corrected while editing the book Also the juvenile sketches at the start of every story seem unnecessary, though it is a nice idea, it could have been e
Mahi and Rohit,Thank you for giving me such wonderful reading experience I loved your book I am not a big fan of anthologies, actually I never read anthology before this and you made me a fan of anthologies.I loved the cover, the colour combination and the back synopsis very much I bought your book by its name and cover.From 1st to 12th each story is unique in their own way The 3rd, 4th and 10th are my favourites I like the way you named your stories The most interesting part about your story, they are followed by a great message which glued me to the book To be honest, I di
A complete understanding of relationships, blended with emotions that s what 12 hours is This captivating kit of stories keeps one glued till the very end Men and women are shown in different colours altogethe
12 HoursBy Mahi Singla Rohit SharmaReview By Ila GargThe anthology comprising of 12 remarkably beautiful short stories, 12 Hours, has been published by Mahaveer Publishers All the twelve stories are quite engrossing and deal with the various nuances of human emotions like Love, Pain, Joy, Sorrow, Trust, Deceit, Excitement, Repentance, Respect, Humiliation, Loneliness, and Anger Though there is a high contrast in all the different feelings mentioned above, still both Mahi Singla and Rohit Sharma have brilliantly carved out the stories depicting all shades of life.Let s start with the cover One word Cute D Well, yes the cover of the anthology, 12 Hours, is amazing, creative, unique, and therefore interesting It has a mesmerising aura that compels the readers to hold the book and smile and turn the page to read on.Next we come to the small little blurbs ahead of each story The small introductions are well written, precise, and create the necessary background in the reader s mind The idea of giving a wonderful sketch with every story is also highly appreciable It provides a glimpse of what is to be followed.Next,
Mahi Singla and Rohit Sharma have beautifully crafted anthology of 12 stories They have done complete justice to every story by their good research and hard work This book is definitely a page turning and delighting The best part is anyone can read it I am going to recommend it even to those friends who feel that they cannot read a novel because they are too lengthy.The book has covered various emotions like love jealousy, care, anger, craziness etc The characters are so real so when you read them you feel that somewhere they are c