Empress of the Night: A Novel of Catherine the Great

Empress of the Night: A Novel of Catherine the GreatCatherine The Great Muses On Her Life, Her Relentless Battle Between Love And Power, The Country She Brought Into The Glorious New Century, And The Bodies Left In Her Wake By The End Of Her Life, She Had Accomplished Than Virtually Any Other Woman In History She Built And Grew The Romanov Empire, Amassed A Vast Fortune Of Art And Land, And Controlled An Unruly And Conniving Court Now, In A Voice Both Indelible And Intimate, She Reflects On The Decisions That Gained Her The World And Brought Her Enemies To Their Knees And Before Her Last Breath, Shadowed By The Bloody French Revolution, She Sets Up The End Game For Her Last Political Maneuver, Ensuring Her Successor And The Greater Glory Of Russia. Find this and other reviews at is that old admonition If you can t say something nice, don t say anything at all It s a wonderful rule of thumb, but I m afraid abiding by it would compromise my integrity as I wouldn t be able to write much of anything and as a reviewer, well, that s kind of a problem This being the case, perhaps I should take comfort in knowing honesty to be the best policy.I came to Eva Stachniak s Empress of the Night with high hopes Her first Catherine novel, The Winter Palace, had been an interesting enough read and I was optimistic that her follow up would outshine its predecessor Unfortunately, when face to face with the reality, I found my confidence grossly misplaced.In all fairness, I think the idea of an aged Catherine, reflecting on her legacy as the final moments of her life slip unceremoniously through her fingers is an interesting and creative premise, but Stachniak s narrative is so disjointed and incoherent that wading through her character s musings quickly became a first class test of endurance After four hundred pages I should have felt connected to Catherine, but the jumbled nature of the narrative made forming any kind of attachment absolutely impossible and severely undermined the emotional impact of the novel To make matters worse, I think Stachniak placed emphasis on the wrong aspect of Catherine s life Her decision to downplay the Empress political and public personas in favor of p
Nachdem mich Der Winterpalast richtig begeistern konnte habe ich mich sehr auf diesen zweiten Teil gefreut Ich finde dieses Buch ganz gut, aber ich hatte mir ein wenig mehr erwartet.Im Gegensatz zum Winterpalast lesen wir hier die Geschichte um den Aufstieg und die Amtszeit Katharina der Gro en aus den Augen der Zarin selbst Leider war die Erz hlstruktur doch recht durcheinander mit etlichen Zeitspr ngen, so dass ich immer mal berlegen musste an welcher geschichtlichen Stelle wir uns grade befinden Ansonsten hat mir der eher ruhige Erz hlstil aber gefallen.Das Katharina so einige Liebhabe
I would like to preface this review with the statement that this book is in no way a testament to the author s talent I read the previous book in this series, The Winter Palace, and was very engrossed with the author s ability to convey the rise to power of Catherine the Great through the eyes of a servant who comes to be a close friend Because that book was so well done, I was thrilled to be granted an advanced reader s copy of the book to follow I only wish Empress of the Night could have lived up to the expectations.From what I can discern, the problem with this book stems from the way in which it is structured The story begins with Catherine as an old woman before long, she is incapacitated on the seat of her toilet with a crushing headache, pain, and the inability to move her body As she contemplates what to do, she continues to reflect back on her past, beginning with when she first arrived at the Russian court as Princess Sophie to be engaged to Peter III To hear about this time in her life was almost like a refresher course for the readers who have read The Winter Palace I was interested, but I was also not and unfortunately, that sentiment continued throughout the entirety of the book.Catherine the Great s reign was filled to the brim with personal and political intrigue, yet this book focused way too much o
2,5 SterneIrgendwie war das Buch weder gut noch richtig schlecht Die ersten 100 Seiten war es noch einmal eine Wiederholung dessen, was man im ersten Roman auch schon aus Warwaras Sicht gelesen hat.Das Mittelst ck war in Ordnung, halbwegs interessant und kurzweilig zu lesen.Aber das Ende, wenn auch klar war, was kam und kommen musste, war wirr und ich war wirklich froh, als es endlich vorbei war Ich wei , es ist von der Autorin wahrscheinlich auf Grund der Umst nde so gewo
I finished Empress of the Night A Novel of Catherine the Great yesterday, but wasn t ready to rate or write a review about it, neither did I have time to do it anyway My copy of this book starts with a quote written to me by my grandmother When I gave you your first book, I also told you something If you want to live a happy life, you got to read lots of books I m glad you remember Why am I writing this Well, to show you that I ll be good to this book, despite all the flaws it had.When I saw what it was about, I was thrilled I love reading about strong women in history, the great ones who changed something in the world Yekaterina Alexeevna, how amazing is that The title, the cover, the theme Everything had my name on it It took me a lot of time to read this, almost a month So I have to say that this is one of those books you have to read fast, because if you skip one day, you might need time to focus on it again The writting was shallow and economical It had really short sentences, which lead to no emotions The plot was boring and repetitive This certantly wasn t the way to describe a woman as great as her The book was focused only on her lovers, while the influence she had in arts, the politics she followed didn t get much attention or got no attention at all In my opinion, most of her greatn
From the moment I started listening to this book, I could tell that it was something unique It was probably a novel that I would have enjoyed in print than as an audiobook Listening too it, I found my mind wandering and got lost in the disjointed storytelling Beginning with the scene of Catherine s dying moments, Empress of the Night has a dreamlike quality of the empress life flashing before her eyes Instead of a co
Have you ever read a book because that particular subject fascinates you, so you enjoy reading than what you ve already read And then, as you are reading, the book begins to become eerily familiar like you ve read it before This is how I felt about Empress of the Night I love historical fiction, and Catherine the Great is such an intriguing figure that I enjoy reading about her from a variety of perspectives Sadly, this book reminded me so much of the last book I read about Catherine Catherine the Great Portrait of a Woman that I literally had to check a couple of times to make sure that I wasn t accidentally repeating myself The only stark difference in what I read and what I recall reading was the interjections as Catherine appears to be suffering a stroke, and that it appeared to have to do with her lovers and less to do with her fascinating ruling.I suppose you can make the argument that, as an historical figure, there is little left to the imaginatio
Ich habe dieses Buch gekauft, weil mir Der Winterpalast von Eva Stachniak eigentlich gut gefallen hat Leider wurde ich von dieser nicht so wirklichen Fortsetzung entt uscht.In dem Roman geht es wieder um Katharina die Gro e, die dieses Mal auf ihrem Sterbebett liegt und ihr Leben Revue passieren l sst Das und der Titel Zarin der Nacht h tten mir eigentlich schon zu denken geben m ssen Leider erinnert sich die Zarin vor allem an ihre aktuellen und ehemaligen Liebhaber, dazwischen gestreut sind Erinnerungsfetzen, Halluzinationen, aufgeschnappte Gespr chsfetzen einer Frau, die nach einem Schlaganfall zwischen Bewusstsein und Ohnmacht driftet Stachniak schreibt ber Belanglosigkeiten z.B eine halbe Seite ber Fliegen, die durch zu langes L ften in den Salon kamen und daraufhin erschlagen wurden und in einer unzusammenh ngenden Art, die auch leider kaum P
A novel of Catherine the Great book 2Based on Catherine s memoirs, this second novel seems of a literary novel than anything else Its approach is quite daunting and has less of a straightforward narrative than The Winter Palace had Told through a series of vignettes that shift back and forth in time the princess on her death bed recalls and reflects on the key episodes of her reign This complex and psychologically intense novel of a woman in charge of her destiny should have been a very captivating read.butThe pussyfoot narrative left me baffled on too many occasions to have keep my attention at bay and I had a hard time focusing on what should have been an intimately captures of history s most fascinating monarch The flashbacks lacked coherence The narrative was very choppy on many occasions and the prose did not flow well throughout The whole book was a mishmash of fr
This book left me with a strange feeling I have to say I struggled to finish at some point The narration was to evasive, I would have wanted details, and the book would have gained from a first person point of view The moments in which Catherine is dying were too long and it was difficult to return and connect to the main story after The series of lovers was getting frustrating toward the end, perhaps because the author didn t really focu

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