Ethical Aspects of Animal Husbandry

Ethical Aspects of Animal Husbandry A Collection Of Short Stories Where The Humour Runs Dark And The Slipstream Bubbles Up.In These 14 Tales, You Will Meet A Pair Of Office Workers Who Wager That They Can Drive A Too Perfect Co Worker Over The Edge, A Barroom Prophet Who Can Predict Than Just Rain, A Modern Day Yojimbo Grieving The Loss Of His Wife And Trying To Not Lose His Nephew, And A Man Who Receives Some Important Advice From A Pound Of Butter Ethical Aspects Of Animal Husbandry Is Inhabited With Characters That Are Obsessed, Confused, And Sometimes Just Plain Miffed In The Title Story, A Man Seeks Revenge On A Neighbour Whose Butt Ugly Mutt Has A Dalliance With His Purebred Bichon In Cappy, A Man Hears A Name In A Dream And Ends Up Sipping Mint Juleps In The Backyard With One Of The Pioneers Of LSD In Broomstick Limbo, A Trio Of Young Boys Play A Game A Limbo With A Unfortunate End In Subject Time, A Pair Of Siblings Wonder Why Time Is Moving In Opposite Ways For The Two Of Them.If You Ve Read Correction Line, You Will Recognize Craig Terlson S Sharp Dialogue And Crafted Storytelling Imagine If Raymond Carver Called Up George Saunders And Joe Lansdale, And They All Went Drinking With Neil Gaiman. Ethical Aspects is a quirky and diverse short story collection Some of it read like a dark Stuart Mclean like Ethical Aspects that s a good thing The thing I enjoyed most about this collection is that, as you started a new story, you never knew what you were going to get A heart wrencher A black comedy A paranormal mystery And