A Demons Wrath (Peachville High Demons, #6.1a)

A Demons Wrath (Peachville High Demons, #6.1a) The Bestselling Peachville High Demons Series Continues With This Special Novella Told From Jackson S Point Of View It Will Be Told In 2 Parts Of 20,000 Words Each Approx 65 Pages In Order To Move Toward My Future, I Knew I Would Have To Face My Past If Harper Was To Ever Really Understand Me, She Would Have To Also Understand My Greatest Triumphs And My Darkest Secrets Jackson S Past Is Complicated, But He Needs For Harper To Understand What He S Been Through Before The War With The Remaining Priestesses Of The Order Begins Part Flashback, Part Present Day, A Demon S Wrath Will Take You On A Journey Through Both Peachville And The Shadow World Where You Will Learn About Jackson S Life Just Before And After His Brother Aerden Was Taken By The Order Of Shadows. This book is told from Jackson s point of view 100 years ago his twin brother was taken, stolen, abducted, from the demon world This book takes you back before that day, that day, and Jackson s quest to find him The back story of Jackson and Lea is partiall
I have missed the Demons series so much This novella from Jackson s POV was short, but sweet and definitely leaves me wantingI can t wait for Part 2 to see how the rest of his story plays out I definitely recommend this to an
All I have to say is finally Jackson makes sense I think that seeing things from his point of view was something that was needed It sheds light on a lot of things, but I think that it also helps give the Peachville high seriesdepth. When I heard about A Demon s Wrath I was so excited I love the Peachville series and to get Jackson s POV is wonderful And A Demon s Wrath did not disappoint I can not wait for the next novella in the series. I finally finished the whole book which is in one book not in two parts It was hard for me as I had stopped reading Peachville series for over a year It took a while to situate the characters but very interesting to read from a different point of view. Great Read What can I sayWhat can I say I LOVE HARPER AND JACKSON This was perfect I wish it were longer but getting thrown back into this amazing world I love so MUCH has me through the moon This is an absolute must read for fans of the series.99 is a small price to pay for a few pages of these beloved characters It was told in Jackson s POV and being in his head was a treat I admire him sooo muchbecause we find out how deep hi
There should be a warning with these I read these fist three, about halfway through the first one I had become rabidly obsessed and was COMPLETELY addicted worked completely into a fervor by this intense writing and depth of character development, I spent the rest of the weekend finishing the trilogy and immediately ordered the rest of the Peachville set Once my voracious reading appetite devoured the last of them I grabbed the first of the Emerald series and am not frothing at the mouth, pan There should be a warning with these
A very short novella from Jackson s POV that takes place right after the last Demons book Jackson wants a future with Harper but feels she has to know all about his past in order for them to move forward He thinks back to
I really enjoyed learningabout where Jackson came from Sarra is a talented writer who really draws you into the story I am looking forward the second part of the story Jackson s story clears up some of my questions from reading the Peachville series It s a short read, but well worth it