Into Dark Waters

Into Dark WatersA Cruise Ship Is An Easy Place To Commit Murder Body Disposal S A Cinch, And Suicide S The Likely Verdict The Only Problem Is Determining How To Choose The Next Victim.Sad And Sexy, Women Find Detective Jim Tanger Attractive He Doesn T Care His Wife S Suicide Three Years Ago Froze His Soul When Jim Hears That Sunburst Cruises Has Lost Another Young Female Passenger To An Assumed Suicide, Jim S Passions Erupt He Pushes The Department And The Cruise Line Into Letting Him Investigate Battling Seasickness And Overwhelming Shyness, Jim Must Protect The Women And Find The Killer Only He Believes Exists.Julie Cooper Loves Her Husband Joel She Hopes Their Anniversary Cruise To Hawaii Will Be A New Beginning For Them Before Her Suitcases Are Unpacked, Someone Unleashes A Campaign Of Terror Against Her Anonymous Threats, Cryptic Messages In Her Cabin, And An Attempt On Her Life Force Julie To Look At The One Person Who Might Want Her Dead The One Person She Trusted With Her Life. There is a real Agatha Christie feel to this excellent whodunit, which is based on a Cruise ship Single women are being murdered and there are many twists and turns before we discover the culprit There is a good mix of interesting characters and a thread of romance runni
What a great read I couldn t put it down Further, I couldn t keep my mouth shut I got numerous strange looks from my family as I d randomly laugh out loud, gasp, or yell out things like, No Don t walk there After I read the description, I thought I knew the basic storyline I was about to encounter I was surprised as I found myself being introduced to a much larger core cast of characters than I expected I certainly didn t mind all of the characters were well developed, very 3 dimensional, and quite distinguishable from one another I wasn t distracted with thoughts like, Now who was she again There were plenty of nail biting situations, lots of surprises, and even a few bombshells that really turned the story around I have to make comment to the setting, as well I ve never been on a cruise ship before, nor have I been to Hawaii, but I feel like I have now Everything was described so vividly I hope, for Ms Rei
Engrossing ReadInto Dark Waters by Rebecca Reilly is a book that captivates the reader on three fronts It is a book to enjoy anywhere, to read on a holiday beach, or perhaps to read on a deck chair at the edge of the ship s pool on a holiday cruise Actually, a holiday cruise is something I never thought would appeal to me until I read this book The details of the cruise on which the action takes place are written with colour, flair, and glamour The cruise ship, the ports of call, the activities all had my mouth watering On this front, the book is simply a superb and engrossing travelogue.On a second front we have romance, laced with human drama We are quickly introduced to Chloe, Julia and Jim, and all three are real, immensely attractive characters We care what happens to them and their stories keep bringing us back to the book if we lay it down for even a little time We have, too, a love triangle with a weak, self indulgent man at one point, a loving, unsuspecting wife at another, and a scheming, nasty vixen at the third How that plays out is a story to read, indeed.And finally, on the third front, we have a suspense filled murder mystery Girls are getting killed on Sunburst Cruises and Jim Tanger is signed aboard as an
I loved this book It combined two of my favorite things mysteries and cruising. Kept Me GuessingIt s not often where I don t guess who done it before it s reveal but this one fooled me Lots of twists and turns lead me around like a puppet on a string from one red herring to another.I thought the main character, Julia, at least in the beginning, was too good but it turned out that she had a fatal flaw in that she trusted too much, and she trusted the wrong people Evil lurked and it touched her, touched her in ways I don t believe she will ever forget.Jim wanted to protect Julia from her life and from those who would harm her From the beginning he was attacked to her.This was an exciting mystery I k
This thrilling mystery pulled me in right from the beginning and held me to the end Some mysteries thrillers are heavy on suspense, but a little light on character development Not so with Into Dark Waters, the author fully developed each character, heightening suspense as I stressed about their safety I read a lot of mysteries, and have not
I enjoyed this book It kept me on the edge of my sofa and the character development kept me interested. This books was AWESOME The author got me, and that rarely happens Usually, I can figure out the bad guy quickly, but this book was so brilliantly written that I had to keep second guessing my theories The characters were colorful, and each one was distinctly unique I can honestly say that I felt a connection to all of the characters even the bad ones , which i

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