Untitled (The Wicked Powers, #1)

Untitled (The Wicked Powers, #1) Cassandra Clare Said That She Will Publish Another Trilogy In The Shadowhunters World After The Dark Artifices And The TLH Trilogy It Will Have Two Main Characters, Kit And Ty Blackthorn More Information To ComeCassandra Clare Said About Writing Books In The Shadowhunter World My Plan At The Moment Is To Do Five Shadowhunter Series, Total I Don T Know If I Ll Do Any Series In The Shadowhunter World Beyond That I Don T Know Why Five Exactly Maybe Because One Of My Major Literary Idols Has Always Been Tamora Pierce And She Did Five Series Set In Tortall Maybe I Think I Have Five Stories To Tell In This World Maybe I Ll Get To The End And Want To Tell Maybe Not I Have A Stockpile Of Other Worlds And Stories In My Head I M Writing One Of Them By Writing Magisterium Now, But There Are Many OthersThere Is A Special Sort Of Enjoyment In Developing Stories In A Created World, Because You Can Take The Rules You Yourself Have Invented, And Bend Them Or Break Them You Can Create Connections And History The Story Of Isabelle S Ruby Necklace Stretches Back All The Way To Vampires, Scones And Edmund Herondale Then Again, With A Brand New World, You Get To Make Everything Up Again It S Like Brand New Baby Or Adorable Five Year Old They Re Both Good The Five Shadowhunter Series Are TiD, TLH, TMI, TDA, And Very Far Down The Road, TWP Don T Even Ask About That One It S Too Far In The Future There Are Other Shadowhunter Projects Like The Bane Chronicles And The Graphic Novel Project About The Circle, Currently In Planning Stages And Known As TST, But I M Not Counting Them I M Only Counting Book Series Trilogies Written Solely By Me By the angel, am I the only one who reallllly wants shadowhunter books Keep em coming Clare 12 18 2018 Every time I get a notification on this I cringe because of my edgy past self thinking ranting on here was cool I still stand by my points, I think its dumb for people to be upset that an author wants to keep working on a world and characters that she created and enjoys, and readers like myself want and from That being said after finishing QOAAD I cannot wait until TWP comes out 2022 why are you so far away But we have plenty of good Shadowhunter books to tide us over until then All the typos in my original review yikes Why does Everyone Bitch and Bitch and Bitch about Cassandra Clare Writing Shadowhunter books Okay you don t like don t waste your time bitching about it Why do you spend your valuable time bitching about something you give no shits about, and hate Okay anyways another thing is I hear tons of bitching about Shadowhunter books but hear no Bitching about Tamora Pierce who wrote Five Series in here book world Tortall I mean come on people Anyways I am excited about this, I am excited about anything Cassandra Clare writes Oh another thing a lot of you guys say that she is milking the cow, I guess she is trying to make money but its for people like me who want Shadowhunter books Anyways a lot of say why doesn t she try and write something different, well she has a another book series coming out that has nothing to do with Shadowhunters Anyways YOU GO CASSANDRA CLARE YOU GO can u believe this is gonna be abt Kit Rook and Ty Blackthorn 11 10 cannot waitAND YEAH CASSANDRA HAS WRITTEN WAY TOO MANY SHADOWHUNTER BOOKSBUT IT S BECOMING LIKE A GENERATIONAL SOAP OPERA AND I AM LOVING ITLITERALLY FIGHT ME hi i m pragya and i d read 84 books set in the shadowhunter world if CC wrote them KIT AND TY YAS Honestly, all I want in life is for Cassie to continue writing Shadowhunter books till the end of time Please and thank you. by the time this releases I will be able to legally drink alcohol in the US can t wait for Kit Herondale and Ty Blackthorn to reinvent love in 2022 BOYYYYYY DO I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE CASSANDRA CLARE IS A DAMN BLESSING TO MY READER LIFE Kit and Ty I cannot wait Now I ve finished QOAAD I m actually scared Wait. really Another series Don t get me wrong I love Cassandra Clare, but at this point, I m sort of just like Is this really necessary I am completely on board for TLH Plus, I was fine that the Dark Artifices was going to happen since there was already a prequel, so it made sense to have a series after The Mortal Instruments But a third new shadowhunter series This is too much for me I can t. y all all wanna bitch about another shadowhunters series but have they not all been increasing in quality this is going to be great, let us have nice things thank u.