Taken, Bound, and Bent Over by the Demon

Taken, Bound, and Bent Over by the Demon Who Would Have Expected The Little Occult Experiment Would Actually Result In Anything Other Than Amusement I Never Thought There D Be Anything Real About It, And When I Agreed To The Silly Terms I Thought My Friend Was Proposing, How Could I Have Known I Was Making A Real Deal With A Real Creature I Found Out Quickly That Deals With The Devil Can T Be Broken I Could, Though, And Living Up To My End Of The Deal Meant Giving In To The Desires Of A Demonic Monster Intent On Taking Me In Every Single Way, And That Meant My Tiny Untouched Ass Warning This Ebook Contains Very Explicit Descriptions Of Sexual Activity During A Monster Sex Encounter It Includes Very Rough Sex, First Anal Sex, Forced Deepthroat, Bondage, Reluctant Sex, And Forced Semen Swallowing It Is Intended For Mature Readers Who Will Not Be Offended By Such A Fantasy Situation. Confessional style short story It was okay, but I had issues with the anal sex though view spoiler Rough sex is fine, but she described his cock as being huge in her words the size of a horse s now with that being said no lube was involved beside some natural lubrication If a cock of that size was just shoved up in one thrust on an untried anus with no preparation Ouch Think she would have problems than just being sore afterwards and I find it really hard to believe that she would have
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