The Aztlanian (Rithmatist, #2)

The Aztlanian (Rithmatist, #2) Sanderson S Assistant Stated On That This Will Likely Not Be Out Until 2017. This release date is a worse torture than a room full of wild chalklings 2017 Oh dusts x Update It is already November 2017 and WE DO NOT EVEN HAVE A COVER Previously So I skip over here to check out when in 2015 this pretty book will grace this cold hard earth when I see this.Sanderson s assistant stated on that this will likely not be out until 2017.What What What After reading The Rithmatist 2015 NOOOOOOO That release date Why Why did I let myself read The Rithmatist without checking if it will have a sequel 2015 It can t come sooner The Aztlanian. now that is one HELL of a name But. 2017 if you listen very carefully, you can hear my anguished screams in the distance There s no release date yet 2017 eh That s probably good I was starting to think Brandon was cloned or not human He s a writing machine which is awesome for us BU SER N N DEVAMI GELECEK Yani n allah yle umuyorum DUY SES M BRANDON AMCA, BRANDON AMCA,BU SER N N DEVAMI NERDE, DEVAMI NERDE Edit 12 31 2014 This is one of the few 2015 releases I m eagerly anticipating for, but now it says 2017 on the expected publication date My heart is sad 2015.