La escala de los mapas

La escala de los mapasSi Un D A Un Hombre Que Fantasea Con Encontrarse A La Mujer De Quien Estuvo Enamorado Sin Ser Correspondido, Se La Encuentra Si Ella Le Toma Del Brazo, Se Muestra Ilusionada, R E, Entonces, Qu Hacer Con La Realidad Sergio Prim, Ge Grafo De Profesi N, Ha Visto C Mo Su Sue O De Amor Por Brezo Varela Se Cumpl A Y Ha Sentido P Nico Necesita Un Hueco, Una Zona Exenta De Preocupaciones Donde Pueda Vencer Su Dificultad Para Entender La Escala De Los Otros El Modo Seg N El Cual Los Otros Establecen Relaciones De Semejanza, Distancia O Proximidad , Y All Acaso Logre Poner A Salvo Su Relaci N Con Brezo La Escala De Los Mapas Es La Historia Del Miedo A Ser Amado Y Su Met Fora, Y Una Reflexi N Sobre La Diferencia Entre Las Cosas Que Ocurren En El Espacio Y Aquellas Otras Que Suceden En El Tiempo Fuerza Arrebatadora Lo Asombroso De Esta Novela Es La Originalidad De Sus Estrategias Narrativas, En Consonancia Con El Ritmo De Su Prosa Carmen Mart N Gaite Yes, I have read the book The solid collection of bound papers enclosed within soft covers, its density heightened by the printed letters, words, sentences etched into the numbered pages Solid The spine grasped in the palm of my hand I sensed a tremor Too small to graph or measure.In the late 1960 s when taking LSD the physicality of books, paintings hung on walls, the walls themselves, pieces of furniture, clocks, faces, forgave their density and boundaries, their scale It was as if a part of the brain that evolved over eons so our species might survive was disconnected A reality evolved for the extension of our existence abdicated leaving the pulsating quake of atoms So, the book It physically exists in what we have agreed is existence As I read each word, their grouping into sentences I imagine what they are saying As a matter of fact they at times disappear and my imagination has taken over It exists only within my mind as it slides from present to past Now that I am finished it exists solely within the past Distorted according to
Es uno de esos libros. It s an ambitious novel, to be sure, made beautiful by Gopegui s liquid prose, and made accessible by her ultimate refusal to answer her own questions Janet Potter, Bookslut Trembling is how protagonist Sergio Prim first appears to the reader His hands fluttered like a bashful magician s, the Spaniard Belen Gopegui writes of her fictional creation Gopegui s first novel, The Scale of Maps, is a story about a magic trick that Prim never quite masters, an ambitious disappearing act that ends in irredeemable failure After all, as another character, the enchanting mapmaker Brezo Varela, warns Prim, the problem with escape artists is that they never escape Who is this strange man charting a fantastical, solitary course Gopegui has been compared to Cervantes and Nabokov, and it s easy to see Prim as a kind of windmill battling Pnin Prim s labyrinthine imaginings could easily place him in a work of Borges as well Mark Schafer s agile translation gives Prim the fitting voice of a polished academic who has lost his bearings The man who examines his own love is like the merchant who sells perishable foods, Prim suggests inscrutably Is the reader to understand that Prim s survival depends on his ability to shill the ripened fruits of his passion before they spoil And to whom is he selling the harvest of his
Estaba buscando un fragmento de los perdidos 90s y me encontr con un texto que se sit a fuera de los mbitos del tiempo y el lugar Sustentada en un argumento m nimo, la novela es m s bien una alegor a, una elucubraci n acerca de los sentimientos, la relaci n del individuo con los otros y la presencia amenazante de la realidad que trunca los sue os.Por su tono especulativo me record en ocasiones a La insoportable levedad del ser , aunque su lectura no me hiz enarcar las cejas ni me dej con la boca abierta, como me ocurri con frecuencia en el caso de Kundera.Pienso que el proyecto del autor fue ambicioso tanto en el fondo como en la forma, ya que el texto avanza a golpe de met fora e imagen, en un soliloquio en primera persona muy cercano a lo l rico Tengo la impresi n de que Bel n no redact d
What distinguishes this novel is its poetic nature, not in the usual, lyrical sense It is like modern poetry, with its wild use of metaphor, its disjunctions, its self reflexiveness, and its disrespect for convention including person The writing and its narrator can be annoying at times, but overall the novel works.What also distinguishes this novel is the love story it tells On its face this is a novel about a man who cannot commit to the woman he is in love with, but that doesn t say anything important about the novel It is about the way he overthinks and overfeels everything, in his wonderfully, eccentrically poetic way, and how much his weakness leads him to twist himself and turn himself inside out.I rarely quote in my Goodreads reviews, but here it s necessary to show the wonders of this novel and of its amazing translation by Mark Shafer Once we were dressed, the space became complicated should I position myself according to respect, intimacy, or inhibition Offering you a cup of linden blossom tea seemed as dangero
how do you map a void Just use blank white like National Geographic unknown hereor here be dragons Maybe with concentric circles like a high pressure system, overhead always, with barely moving erratic winds and no hope ever of rain Or a man s heart in love, but him knowing all the time, it will never work, never last This book is about the hole in mens hea
Trembling is how protagonist Sergio Prim first appears to the reader His hands fluttered like a bashful magician s, the Spaniard Belen Gopegui writes of her fictional creation Gopegui s first novel, The Scale of Maps, is
most consistent thought i had Bitch is writing a man well slightly daring in some ways, slightly Kundera esque tangentials of thought in others none of it was terribly original, except for the parts that were apparently made up about the margeen , but it was enjoyable. Ojal un hueco donde escapar de vez en cuando. Maravilloso Ha acabado con casi todas las esquinas dobladas.