Brutally Beautiful (Symbiotics, #4)

Brutally Beautiful (Symbiotics, #4) Socialite Bellina Mazzanti Forde Was The Ultimate Party Girl Until She Disappeared With Byron Brantley Five Years Ago Determined To Find His Brother, Jonathan Brantley Has Tracked Lina To A Cafe In Naples And Demands Answers Certain She S Hiding Something, Jonathan Vows Not To Let Lina Out Of His Sight Until She Agrees To Help Him, Even If It Takes All Night Though He Doesn T Trust Her, He Can T Deny That He Wants Her Has Always Wanted HerHappy In Her New, Simpler Life, Lina Didn T Want To Be Found Now That The Past Has Caught Up With Her In The Form Of The Sexy Tycoon, She S Torn Between Exploring The Passion He Arouses In Her, And Facing The Secrets That Caused Her To Flee New York.The Tension Between Them Soon Leads To A Scorching Affair, One They Both Know Can T Last But When Their Search For Byron Finds Them Tangling With The Mob, Jon And Lina Learn They Have No One To Trust But Each Other73,000 Words Originally posted at was forced into a life that many would cringe at, including myself Yet, he somehow made it out of that life and just wants to live the life of a quiet professor just like he deserves However, his past catches up with him and threatens to destroy everything he has created over the years.I had been previously introduced to Nick in another story about his brother, so I knew a bit of what I was getting into Nick reminds me of a tiger waiting to pounce He seems beautiful and majestic from a distance, but get too close and you will get scratched Lucky for Gen he pounces on her, but in all the right ways He introduced her to a lifestyle that many of us read about and what to know of Nick is a character that was elusive enough that I wanted to know even at the end of the story I would love to read a story about his and his brother s childhood so I can better understand the man he has become.Gen was a surprising character to me At first I expected her to be some type of secret spy, detective or even a hired hit woman There was something about her that just screamed I am than what meets the eyes What I had not expected was for her to live such a mild mannered lifestyle She just seemed like she needed adventure and excitement on a regular basis
Loved this one I ve been looking forward to Nick s Mick s story since I read Stripped Bare I loved how Nick wanted so badly to live a respectable, peaceful life but was prepared to lose it all for Genevieve s safety He was a great hero I loved the sexiness and emotion between him and Genevieve and how Gen was willing to put herself on the line for Nick as well.This review includes a Public Safety Announcement from your friendly neighborhood librarian If, like the couple in this book, you are tempted to have Sex in the Stacks TM PLEASE DON T Your librarian does not want to don a hazmat suit and lug an industrial size bucket of bleach to clean your ass prints off the study carrel and dispose of
Meet in strip clubHe s ex gang member pimp turned poetry professorShe works for immigrationBoss trying to kill her