Caliban's Hour

Caliban's HourMiranda Und Ihr Vater, Der Zauberer Prospero, Sind In Die Verbannung Auf Eine Insel Geschickt Worden Dort Entdecken Sie Kaliban, Ein Wildes Gesch Pf, Sohn Der Hexe Sycorax Miranda Und Prospero Z Hmen Den Wilden, Lehren Ihn, Mit Worten Umzugehen Doch Damit Lernt Er Zugleich Auch L Ge Und Falschheit Und Er Lernt Miranda Zu Lieben.F Nfundzwanzig Jahre Sp Ter Miranda Ist Jetzt K Nigin Von Neapel , Erscheint Eines Nachts Ein Fremder In Ihrem Gemach Es Ist Kaliban, Dem Es Gelungen Ist, Seine Insel Zu Verlassen Er Ist Gekommen, Rache An Miranda Zu Nehmen, Die Ihn Damals Verschm Ht Hat Mixed feelings about this one A lot of what it has to say about colonisation is very true although Caliban as a representative of the colonised is in some ways a poor specimen, but maybe that in some ways hits the point home even Prospero was ruthless, cruel, too narcissistic in his own privilege to be intentionally evil leading him to glorify his awful dealings with Caliban as a type of love on p164 but still with the epithet little savage.So I found Prospero ABSOLUTELY believable as a villain a ruling class hero who is a villain to everyone and everything else What was problematic for me was the gendered and almost sexualised dimensions of some of Caliban s baggage, that in effect Miranda s actual crime toward him was only that she didn t have a passionate and self sacrificing love toward him And at that point Caliban loses my sympathy and another reviewer s description as the novel as whiny begins to resound However what Prospero and Ariel did were reprehensible.I didn t like the ending I can t say too much without a spoiler What I will say is the only faintly redeeming feature about it was Renato Ursino, factoring him in makes the ending look like someone choosing agency over victimhood but just barely As I said I didn t like it.Possibly worth reading the book and thinking about the issues in it though I good little book for those who think Prospero from the Tempest was a massive tool Fight the power Caliban, fight the power It s very rewarding retelling of the Tempest from Caliban s view point because Caliban was a plot device for Shakespeare I don t think the bard worried about or justified the treatment of Caliban, but he did give Caliban some very good lines You taught me language and my profit on t, I know how to curse. When I finished this book I was a little under the weather and that may have influenced my reaction to the characters but I will say that it is a well thought out book.The narrative aspect of the story makes me feel like I could sympathize with the villain than just being a bystander and listening to our little girl hero.Overall a great read for people who like knowing what the reasons are for the things that happen. I ve been calling Caliban s Hour a Shakespeare fan fic, and every virtual page just cemented this for me It s both a sequel to The Tempest and the story from Caliban s point of view It s both knowledgeable of the play and completely dismissive of it and anyone who s read any of my blog knows how dismissive of Shakespeare is going to sit with me Basically, the tale takes place some twenty years after The Tempest, and a shadow has come to Verona seeking Miranda seeking revenge It s not spoilerific to say that once he discovers where she is, he spends the rest of the story looming over her in her bed forcing her to listen as he tells her his version of everything that happened Everything.The audiobook is read by Ron Perlman I adore Ron Perlman And Ron Perlman s voice is one huge reason I adore Ron Perlman His performance in this was beautiful In places, this was not fun, and the only saving grace was that voice One problem I had with the book was the vocabulary placed in Caliban s mouth I kept thinking Really Caliban using a word like inchoate Now, four plus hours of listening to guttural monosyllables would be unpleasant, even in Ron Perlman s voice but my opinion is that if you re going to base your work on someone else s you need to have some respect for the original Otherwise, why bother I contented myself while listening to most of it by telling myself that no character in Shakespeare is monosyllabic Prospero did in fact teach Caliban, so Caliban could legitimately be well spoken Except if Caliban has been alone on the island for twenty years, no one to talk to, no books, nothing, I would think some of the vocabulary might atrophy But then I finally went to take a look at the play Caliban speaks 1348 words in the play, totalling 5631 characters that may actually include some punctuation oops That s an average of assuming I did cull all the punctuation 4.177 letters per word I sorted them and eliminated duplicates and counted them again, and that gave me 541 unique words, totalling 2781 characters about 5 letters each He says I and me than any other words, which brings down his overall average He never uses vocabulary like inchoate , he never waxes rhapsodic as the novella s does He does use some polysyllabic words, but they are mostly names and words that he heard from Prospero nonpareil I don t buy this Caliban s eloquence.The other aggravation, the pace, is a serious quibble When I step back from it, I realize that it s a good story, and the writing is, on the whole, excellent it s a solid, knowledgeable re imagining of Caliban s origins and inner life My frustration with the book is that I can t shake the feeling that this could easily have been a short story My issue is the storytelling conceit that Caliban is standing over Miranda spewing out all this tale, a tale which takes something like four hours on the cassettes but which would take a person telling the story ex tempore a good bit longer, I d expect And I just can t buy a setting like this, of a man stooped over a woman s bed for hours at a time, threatening her with death, but in the meantime just talking Without the framing story and the occasional You see, Miranda , told as a straightforward tale of The Tempest From Caliban s Angle, I think this would be much stronger Or perhaps if it started just the same in a prologue, then as he stands over Miranda and declares his intentions switched to straight storytelling, beginning, middle, and end Caliban s intent is revenge upon Miranda, of course but it s not a quick revenge First he is going to tell her things she needs to know Starting with the moment she and her father set foot upon the island No, starting with his earliest memories No, starting with his birth No starting with before his birth When he finally comes to the point of killing her at the end, I was replying to Mr Perlman along the lines of Oh, thank God, yes, please The repetitiveness of this is just a little exasperating It kept reminding me of a complaint I once heard about Shakespeare and which I ve never found true in the plays it goes on and on for three pages or the audio equivalent and the upshot of those three pages is it s raining This goes in a spiral that circles tighter and tighter till there s nowhere to go then breaks open the spiral, only to start a new one I wonder if this would be as aggravating in print probably I find it so surprising that the novella directly contradicts the play in many places Caliban bitterly attributes the deaths of all the sailors on the ship to Prospero when, in the play, no one died No one PROSPEROBut are they, Ariel, safe ARIELNot a hair perish d On their sustaining garments not a blemish,But fresher than before and, as thou badest me,In troops I have dispersed them bout the isle.Caliban, of course, limns himself as the long suffering hard put upon tragic hero of the piece He never did nothin Rape Miranda Why, he never It was all her fault, the minx Plot with Trinculo and Stephano to kill Prospero and give Miranda to Stephano as a gift Not he Not long ago I enjoyed the Chop Bard examination of The Tempest This outraged me, by times Either Shakespeare or Williams s Caliban is a big lying liar, and my money is on Caliban. Review of Caliban s Hour by Tad WilliamsOriginally published in 1995 HarperCollins , the 2011 Kindle version of the book The Beale Williams Enterprise is the one I picked up At under 200 pages, it s a short novel But don t let the size of Shakespearean fantasy fool you Caliban s Hour delivers Williams s signature powerful punch.You won t find snappy dialogue in this book Almost all of it is a monologue spoken by the title character What you will find is beautiful prose and an enthralling tale And yes, it s the same Caliban from Shakespeare s The Tempest Williams does a masterful job of bringing readers, especially those who are Shakespeare fans, a believable character telling a believable story about other believable characters But, the story stands on its own, too, and readers not familiar with or fans of Shakespeare will still find the story engaging.Williams invokes a setting emotionally alive than that of The Tempest, and he paces the story in a way that places the pressure of time smack dab in readers laps The premise for the tale is imaginative, and the plot takes readers on an emotional journey that leaves them thinking Without injecting a spoiler, I ll just say that I didn t see the ending coming, and it was a doozy Two thumbs up for Caliban s Hour I m ever so happy Williams decided to publish this little masterpiece in digital form.IMHO HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Appropriate for YA Could be used in high school courses English, Drama as an accompaniment to The Tempest. Probably even 3.5 I ended up liking this a lot than I expected from the first 30 40 pages The section before Prospero arrived was tiresome basically What I enjoyed most was the discussion of language I was doomed to awkward imitation, as even now my heart s agony comes tumbling out in his mother tongue Already I was thoroughly infected with your father s having and keeping and giving To name something is to begin to possess it What a wealth of greed there is in your civilised speech I also quite liked Giulietta escaping dastardly marriage plot at the end although it was all quite neat and achieved quickly, the idea of it still appeals to me. In Tad Williams beguiling riff on Shakespeare, the much abused, so called monster from The Tempest makes his way back to Naples one fateful night to confront Miranda, daughter of his tormentor and enslaver, Prospero, to tell his side of the story In one fleet, revisionist tale, Williams creates one of the most soulful of modern Beast heroes. I really quite enjoyed this story by Tad Williams The prose style is very good and his descriptions create a vivid and visual picture of the places and scenery that are described within the book. I don t usually browse the YA shelves, but the first time I saw this book it caught my eye because of two names I recognized Caliban and Tad Williams I was already a fan of Williams writing, and the idea of some kind of spin off or re telling of The Tempest was too much to pass up After verifying that this is what the book was, I bought it and read it in one sitting.To describe the framing device of the story would verge on spoilery, so instead I ll just say that it is a re telling of The Tempest, nestled within a sequel The book assumes that Shakespeare s play was pretty accurate in describing the characters and events, but all the trappings of the Elizabethan stage are gone No one speaks in meter and verse It is what I would call imaginatively faithful to the source It s a rare talent, to be able to tell a familiar story and have it be brand new Many authors who dabble in this sort of thing Gregory Maguire, for instance do it by assuming that the familiar version is just wrong or that the established details of the matter are too trivial to matter if they re changed And while you can tell a perfectly good story even a great one in that way, it s taking the easy route compared to what Williams accomplishes here.This is not a perfect book by any stretch, but it s a pretty good one, and a respectable accomplishment A must read for fans of the source play or of Williams. To this day this book will always be linked to watching Tad Williams life and in action during a reading where he spend minimal time actually reading from one of his Otherland books and instead spend a lot of time just talking, answereing questions and being highly entertaining If you ever have the chance to attend one of his readings, do so He s very funny ALso very nice and took his time during the book signing to add personal messages The reason why I ll never part with this book The book itself is okay, could have been better, could have been worse.

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