The U.S. Marines on Iwo Jima

The U.S. Marines on Iwo Jima The Authors Of This Book Were Three Marine Corp Combat Correspondents And Two Marine Public Relations Officers Who Were At Iwo Jima This Edition Includes Numerous Photographs Taken By Marine Combat Photographers This Book Was Published Just Four Months After The Battle. This book was orgininally published in 1945 by a group of combat writers, which is fairly obvious from the references to we did such and such, meaning the Americans It has quite a bit of detail about the fighting, and gives credit to those who did fight by including their hometowns The book is about the fighting man and what he went through both American and Japanese.It woul
This book was highly informative and well organized but I grew tired of the voice narrating the tale I don t like giving books about our prized veterans less than five stars I suppose I just prefer memoirs written by soldiers and other war stories written by authors whom I enjoy reading like Alex Kershaw or Bob Drury If you were looking to find out specific information about a wide range of soldiers who were apart of the battle this account would be an excellent choice The authors reveal specific details about a large number of common ranking soldiers including the city s they hailed from I recommend this book for an author seeking to create a work of historical fiction I will always hold our veterans in high regard and this book is a wonderful addition to the collect
Historical account of a famous world war two battle.Magnificent book filled with way too many stories of sacrifices made on behalf of the American people The author has written a book immortalizing countless heroes who died in the service of our great nation Anyone that has even o
Loved this book on Iwo JimaI bought this book as my dad landed on Now Nina on his 19th birthday, as a demolitions expert My dad never talked about his service and i only heard about it when he died Three men he served with showed up, and told me a few things Also i grew up asset the end of Vietnam