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Newton for BeginnersThe Rainbow, The Moon, A Spinning Top, A Comet, The Ebb And Flood Of The Oceans, A Falling Apple There Is Only One Known Universe And It Fell To Isaac Newton To Discover Its Secrets Newton Was Arguably The Greatest Scientific Genius Of All Time And Yet He Remains A Mysterious Figure A Secret Heretic, A Mystic, An Alchemist, And What Is Often Forgotten, The Scourge Of Forgers As England S Master Of The Royal Mint. The rainbow, the moon, a spinning top, a comet, the ebb and flood of the oceansa falling apple There is only one universe and it fell to Isaac Newton to discover its secrets Newton was arguably the greatest scientific genius of all time, and yet he remains a mysterious figure Brilliantly written and illustrated by William Rankin, Introducing Newton explains the extraordinary ideas of a man who sifted through the accumulated knowledge of centuries, tossed out mistaken beliefs, and single handedly made enormous advances in mathematics, mechanics and optics By the age of 25, entirely self taught, he had sketched out a system of the world Einstein s theories are unthinkable without Newton s founding system He was also a secret heretic, a mystic and an alchemist, the man whom Edmund Halley said, Nearer to the gods may no man approach William Rankin has worked in London for O
6 10 Today I read Introducing Newton , written by William Rankin, 1993 The book is basically a dummies guide to Newton That doesn t make it or him any less interesting It merely describes the level of the book s content.Let s see invents calculus check , invents optics check , redefines the study of physics check , innovates astronomical dating check , explains tides, elliptical orbits and the earth tilting check, check and check And in his spare time investigates God, the divinity of Christ and predicts the end of the world based on the study of religious texts Yup, sounds like a full life to me Oh, I forgot to mention he was mostly self taught in math and science.I guess the closest thing I can find on this side of the pond is our Thomas Jefferson and I m pretty sure Tom suffers by the comparison Anyway, the book is very brief and offers a very readable story explaining the history of science and physics I recommend it as a pr
This was a dynamic and engrossing read, which I literally tore through.It provided a detailed background to some basic concepts which I already knew about, revealing the rivalries and contested claims of people at the time.Newton is introduced gradually throughout the book, in terms of his theories, his biography and his beliefs The
Actually for a long time I was searching for a graphic introduction to the history of physics for my students, So when I found this book I was very excited it s a book about people behind the physic today we study in our schools rather than the physics itself I had just one problem with this book it s full of people and ideas coming and going very fast without enough explanations so it makes some pages a little confusing It could con
Newton for beginners is quite a nice book, lots of great animations of all the characters and events in Newtons life and that before and after Would be a must read for high school physics students if I were the professor It explains all the chronology of Newtons life and his discoveries in an easy to understand way for everyone hence the for beginners part Since it s basically a biography there is not much extraordinary literal feat in it, so it gets three stars from me But neverth
Good introduction to the subject in context, and does not try to bury Newton s unorthodox researches.On the other hand, flaws are numerous There is a tacit Religion Is Bad message, and statements are bolstered with cherry picked quotes from historical figures And the ba
17th Century class read It s ok Looks like a comic book in side.So I finished it Science is a hard subject for me, I can t really follow it well The comic book style helped a little bit but not much Read it if you like science, if not pass. An excellent exposition of Newtonian physics.

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