Salem Falls

Salem FallsDownload Salem Falls Author Jodi Picoult Love Can Redeem A Man But Secrets And Lies Can Condemn Him A Handsome Stranger Comes To The Sleepy New England Town Of Salem Falls In Hopes Of Burying His Past Once A Teacher At A Girls Prep School, Jack St Bride Was Destroyed When A Student S Crush Sparked A Powder Keg Of Accusation Now, Washing Dishes For Addie Peabody At The Do Or Diner, He Slips Quietly Into His New Routine, And Addie Finds This Unassuming Man Fitting Easily Inside Her Heart But Amid The Rustic Calm Of Salem Falls, A Quartet Of Teenage Girls Harbor Dark Secrets And They Maliciously Target Jack With A Shattering Allegations Now, At The Center Of A Modern Day Witch Hunt, Jack Is Forced Once Again To Proclaim His Innocence To A Town Searching For Answers To A Justice System Where Truth Becomes A Slippery Concept Written In Shades Of Gray, And To The Woman Who Has Come To Love Him. I m not a likely candidate to read a Jodi Picoult book I have to admit that I ve always been a bit of a snob when it comes to the books that my Mom read.She was a big fan of mysteries, but nothing classic no Christie or Doyle , very little new or challenging no Steinhauer or Rankin , and practically nothing genuinely pulpy no Leonard or Chandler She always preferred the uber popular stuff and was a massive fan of James Patterson and his peers , having to go out and buy the books from his mystery mill in hardcover they day they were released.And that s where the snobbery comes in I tried a couple Patterson books early on, but his work is basically crap, so when my Mom discovered Jodi Picoult, adding Picoult to her list of favourite authors and telling me I should read her, I mocked my Mom s taste and avoided Picoult with an internal snicker But then my Mom died last month and my Dad asked me to go through her bookshelves and take anything I wanted And there was Jodi Picoult Now this probably wouldn t have been enough to make me grab a stack of my Mom s Jodi Picoult books, but two other moments pushed me over the edge First, I bought my Mom Jodi Picoult s Wonder Woman Love Murder for Christmas I found it during a random book store browse and thought it would be a good way to introduce my Mom to graphic novels second, I read a recent article by Stephen King that w
This is one of Jodi Picoult s best novels and one of my favourites Perception is reality in this chilling tale of how one man can be condemned not once, but twice It is a compelling and thought provoking read The author deals with the controversial subject of the novel with perfection, providing plenty of unexpected twists and turns along the way The characte
This is one of those long reads where you really get to know the characters It is set in Salem Falls, the quintessential American small town, a place where nothing much happens and where people move to because of its low crime rate It is a safe place to bring up a family.However, the residents are in for a shock with the arrival of Jack St Bride, a man with a past He is desperate to hide the fact that he has just been released from prison after having served eight months for a sexual assault a crime he is adamant that he did not commit When local diner owner Addie Peabody gives him a job and a place to stay it seems that he is finally back on track, especially when he and Addie start to get friendly The story really starts when his secret is discovered and I don t want to spoil the read for anyone else, but we are soon embroiled in a complex story of lies and betrayals.The storyline really kept my interest with all its twists and turns although it was a little predictable in parts When the twists came, they weren t so much surprising as confirming the suspicions I already had about what was likely to happen In particular there is a huge surprise at the very end, but again I already had my suspicions about that anyway.It is a long read and there are times when the author tends to stray off the path a bit, particularly w
Wow I was totally enthralled around page 180 I was hooked solid at that point This book is engrossing I am trying to get through a big box of books from my grandmother which included Jodi Picoult, Danielle Steel, and Nora Robert s books and I am so addicted this these authors right now I usually read mostly sci fi fantasies but am glad I m reading these It has been a good change for a bit Overall, a profound story of injustice, lies, love,
I wasted most of this weekend reading Salem Falls, the story of Jack, a high school history teacher who tries to start his life again after being wrongly accused of sexual assault, only to have the whole thing happen again in the new town It was an easy read, an engrossing story, but there were parts of the story that drove me crazy For one thing the dates were constantly off For example, Jack s love interest Addie had a daughter who died some time in the past At one point, they said she d died ten years earlier, at another point, they said it was eleven years earlier, and another time they said it was eight years earlier It might not seem like that big a deal, but it mattered to me, because it was the only way for me to gauge how old Addie was, since I knew that she was twenty seven when her daughter died or was she At the end of the book, they talk about how Jack went
I think this is the weakest Picoult book I ve read so far well, OK, Change of Heart didn t win a Pulitzer with me either I go into one of her books expecting a certain amount of cheap romance and schmaltzy cliches, but I also expect both a real twist in the plot and a thought provoking analysis on a current issue, but this one didn t really deliver.Quick synopsis the protagonist, having just come out of 8 months in jail for a statutory rape charge, shows up in a small town, and falls in love with the owner of the local diner Then he is accused of raping another girl and the whole nightmare starts all over for him.Pros I love literary references and plot lines that are a commentary on other plots, so I really enjoyed the references to The Crucible, although I thought having it set in a town with a historic association to witch trials was laying it on a little thick Another pro is certainly the fact that I raced through the book to get to the ending, but then I ended up feeling let down I also lik
Another good book of Picoult s This time, it was about an innocent teacher who was accused of sexual misconducts with a female student and had gotten out of prison for serving time on that He moved into a new town, and unfortunately soon, everyone knew of his past and the accusations started up again He was also innocent this time around He had drunkenly stumbled across a group of girls who were out in the woods celebrating a Wiccan holiday, and their lies landed him in jail With thanks to the devotion and faith of his new girlfriend, the truth began to unravel, bringing everything out in the open, including the very first girl whose accusation started it all A powerful book mak
A most frustrating book It is written on a formula perfect for Lifetime TV for women It is clearly intended to be an issue oriented novel on the subject of the abuse of Megan s law and false accusations The subject is not an easy one to deal with I didn t like the graphic sex or the bad language I didn t like the choppy style of jumping from one point of view to another without a transition It was difficult to follow Although the author apparently wanted a sensational surprise at the ending it was totally predictable I was only surprised by the revelation of who the guilty party was in the unreported rape of one of the main characters I was disappointed that when this revelation came the author and the character were content with an apology The guilty party should have taken responsibility by turning himself in to the law and accepting the punishment he deserved The real continuing perpetrator in the small town of Salem F
This book presents a story filled with feeling and truth telling a complicated tale filled with mistakes and misunderstandings and interwoven with a storyline about Wickens Teenage witches SureInitially, I was a little sceptical at the blending of these two things a story about a wrongfully accused high school teacher who, having left prison and gone to a small town, again gets charged with rape and a group of teenage girls who practice magik But, Picoult was able to work these two concepts into a story, and a good one at that, that is about much than witches and rape it s about i
Salem Falls is not exactly what I initially thought the book would be about from reading the synopsis on the back cover however, it was a very interesting and mostly enjoyable read Jack St Bride was a history teacher at a private school who was falsely accused of statutory rape Jack accepted a plea bargain when his lawyer advised him of all the circumstantial evidence against him and spent eight months in prison for a crime he did not commit Upon his release, Jack knows that he cannot return to the town where he once lived and randomly chooses a new town when he sees a help needed sign in a local diner The owner, Addie Peabody, has a broken past of her own and has shut out every man who has dared to try to crack the tough exterior wall that protects her heart that is until Jack walks into her life The secret of Jack s former imprisonment doesn t stay a secret for long, however, and before Jack can fully realize what is happening, a modern day witch hunt has bloomed in Salem Falls with Jack the center of everyone s suspicion When the daughter of a local wealthy business owner accuses Jack of rape, the townspeople immediately assume he is guilty, but Jack is determined to not once again take the fall for something he claims he did not do Pros Jodi Picoult is an amazing storyteller who is able to spin tales that keep me wanting to turn the page to see what happens This is my fourth read from her, and she has never disappointed me The story is told from mu