Unseen (Eyes Wide Open - Book 3)

Unseen (Eyes Wide Open - Book 3)Eyes Wide Open Continues With UNSEEN, The Third Of Four Episodic Ebooks From New York Times Bestselling Author Ted Dekker.Who Am I My Name Is Christy Snow I M Seventeen And I M About To Die.I M Buried In A Coffin Under Tons Of Concrete No One Knows Where I Am My Heart Sounds Like A Monster With Clobber Feet, Running Straight Toward Me I M Lying On My Back, Soaked With Sweat From The Hair On My Head To The Soles Of My Feet My Hands And Feet Won T Stop Shaking.Some Will Say That I M Not Really Here Some Will Say I M Delusional Some Will Say That I Don T Even Exist But Who Are They I M The One Buried In A Grave.My Name Is Christy Snow I M Seventeen I M About To Die.So Who Are You In A Return To The Kind Of Storytelling That Made Black, Showdown And Three Unforgettable, Ted Dekker Drags That Question Into The Light With This Modern Day Parable About How We See Ourselves.Humming With Intensity And Blindsided Twists, Eyes Wide Open Is Raw Adrenaline From The First Page To The Last Pure Escapism Packed With Inescapable Truth Not All Is As It Seems Or Is It Strap Yourself In For The Ride Of Your Life Literally Young Adult Part 3 of Eyes Wide Open came out yesterday, and I devoured it yesterday I m really digging this serial format.Christy finally just breaks in this book, and Austin is so close you can taste it, and I even though he was going to at one point.While reading the book there were a couple plot holes that I thought were going to just be ignored like how in the world do you keep the murder of Fisher a secret but he did a good job in this segment of the book tying it up and adding to the mystery of the institute.The pieces of the puzzle
Austin is breaking Christy already has.Ted Dekker is just a genius The ending is so cut off Shit, need to start the last one KNOW I wrote a review for entire novel on my blog and am posting at each book section The start of Unseen had me feeling crazy but the ending was so endearing, I loved it www.hookofabook.wordpress.comReviewIdentity Book 1 , Mirrors Book 2 , Unseen Book 3 and Seer Book 4 are all part of a four episode thrill ride from New York Times bestselling author Ted Dekker Combined, these sections puzzle together an almost 300 page book called Eyes Wide Open First launched at the end of December with the free Identity, it continued at a one book per week serial pace and are now all currently available in e book format separately In February, all will combine as Eyes Wide Open for purchase as a paperback I love the covers of each book too, which I ll show throughout the post They are amazing and fit the story perfectly Great symbolism Ted Dekker is one of my top five favorite authors of all time in any genre When he sent out an e mail asking his loyal readers to sign up for an exciting release, and offered the first section free, I jumped at the chance to check it out Identity really held my interest and I moved through it in an hour or less and couldn t wait for the next installment The action was intense and I felt like the main character, Christy, fell through the proverbial Wonderland rabbit hole and into a milder version of an evil asylum all to end up popping t
PuzzlingIt s scary being trapped in a psychiatric hospital Are the staff really trying to help Christy and Austin or are they brainwashing them This series is getting and strange, and I m not sure I m going to like it Christy gets some plastic surgery to make herself beautiful, and Austin convinces himself that he is crazy after all After Austin finds some keys in the basement that open a drawer to two pairs of glasses, everything changes.When Christy and Austin put on the glasses, they see that Christy never had surgery after all, and are actually seeing reality They are able to use these to escape the psych ward, only to find themselves outside on a canyon cliff with nowhere to go In comes Outlaw, and out goes my sanity.As if Outlaw wasn t weird enough is he God , Austin and Christy find themselves back in the hospital just moments lat
What a crazy, amazing, confusing roller coaster ride This part of the story had me so confused what is the truth Who is Austin and Christy, is anything they are experiencing real Christy broke, will Austin als
Book three continues the story of Christy and Austin and their struggle to understand and confirm the truth of their condition are they delusional in a sane world, or is this sane world the delusion Classically Dekker Part 3 of four a mind warping, creepy, adrenaline rush. Very good So far the story has and exciting climax Looking forward to reading the next chapter Cannot wait to lead the final outcome I am sure that it will be as powerful as all the other conclusion to the chapter Okay starting the next and final chapter book Exciting r