The Last Wild Wolves: Ghosts of the Rain Forest

The Last Wild Wolves: Ghosts of the Rain ForestSulla Costa Selvaggia Della Columbia Britannica Bagnata Dal Pacifico, Al Confine Con L Alaska, Una Peculiare Sottospecie Di Lupo Grigio Vive Al Riparo O Quasi Dalla Mano Dell Uomo Distribuiti Sul Continente E Sulle Isole Vicine, Questi Lupi Nuotano In Mare Aperto Tra Terre Emerse Che Distano Chilometri L Una Dall Altra, Lottando Con Venti Mutevoli, Acque Gelide E Balene Assassine Le Loro Caratteristiche Fisiche E Comportamentali, Cos Come Le Tradizioni Del Branco, Sono Il Frutto Di Un Adattamento Millenario Alla Foresta Pluviale Della Regione, Dove Questi Esemplari Convivono Con Specie Dagli Areali Molto Vasti Come I Grizzly, Le Megattere, I Salmoni E Gli Uccelli Migratori In Questi Luoghi, Per Diciassette Anni, Il Giornalista E Fotografo Ian McAllister Ha Vissuto Gran Parte Delle Sue Giornate Seguendo Meticolosamente Le Tracce Dell Ultimo Branco Di Lupi Selvaggi Fino A Conquistare Totalmente La Loro Fiducia Stato Accolto Nel Loro Territorio, Gli Stato Permesso Di Assistere Alla Nascita Dei Cuccioli E Di Seguire Le Migrazioni, E Grazie A Questa Meravigliosa Convivenza Riuscito A Raccogliere Preziosissimi Appunti E Migliaia Di Fotografie Il Libro Il Resoconto Di Questa Straordinaria Esperienza, In Cui L Autore Grazie Anche A Una Scelta Stilistica A Met Tra Il Diario Scientifico E Il Memoir Ha Il Grande Merito Non Solo Di Restituirci Informazioni Utili Per La Salvaguardia Di Un Habitat, Ma Di Catapultare Il Lettore Tra Le Nevi E I Ghiacciai Di Quelle Foreste. This book is a treasure The author has spent seventeen years photographing and observing several unique wolf packs on the northern coast of British Columbia These wolves are genetically different from inland wolves because they have been isolated by the enormous coastal mountain range.The photos are stunningly beautiful and the text accompanying them is inspiring and informative I learned a lot about wolf behavior and their interactions with other coastal species such as bears, ravens, salmon, and orca whales Wolves are the true apex predators in this environment, and have been known to dine on bears The Surf Pack even eats barnacles The author shows a tremendous love and respect for these magnificent animals and their habitat It really comes through in his writing It s shameful that greed and willful destruction are killing them and fouling their home There s also a DVD that comes with this book I ve only watched the first few minutes of it so far, but the scenery is spe
Any coffee table book has good photographs, and this is no exception What sets this book apart is in the telling Ian McAlister studies the packs that live on the Canadian coast and shares his observations on the behavior of these packs.Great to thumb through, but also great to read.Update, Nov 2015 there s a Na
I borrowed this book from the library and 5 pages in, I knew I had to have a copy of my own This is the first research ever conducted on this unique population The photos are spectacular, but better, the author s passion for his subject shines through on every page He goes beyond educating the reader about wolf culture and introducing wolf personalities he gives you every reason to love
The rainforest coast of northern BC is one of the few wild places left in the natural world where wolves and white bears stalk the forest as they have for thousands of years It s a compelling narrative documenting the wolves complex life There s over 100 stunning photos a DVD included A beautiful book I learned much about wolves and their habitat. The pictures are gorgeous Absolutely stunning There s a lot of information about the habitat and behaviour of the raincoast wolves, so that was also good, though I had hoped for science.The prose itself isn t great, mostly because the author seemed inexperienced as a writer, but partly because he was trying to get across this massive numinous experience, and just didn t have a way to do it Fair enough, it s mostly a picture book anyway.My main problem was that I really wasn t comfortable with how close McAllister was getting to the wolves He carried on at gr
I loved this book I settled into bed with it last night, thinking I would read a few chapters before bed but then I didn t end up putting it down until I had devoured every single page The photographs are stunning and so beautiful I laughed to myself numerous times over the antics of the wolves Ian was
If you check out this book for the pictures alone, it is worth it However, the text shows a great respect and understanding for these creatures The author appreciates the wisdom and traditions of the local native peop
Stunning photography and surprising insights into the lives of this apex predator make this a great read Wolf society is complex and their role in the ecosystems where they dwell is far crucial than has been previously thought Wolves are
A fantastic book The author observes 2 packs of wild wolves in B.C It is so well written that I became truly attached to the individual members of these packs As well as being full of biological details, this book engenders a love for these animals In the last chapter, i cried

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  • The Last Wild Wolves: Ghosts of the Rain Forest
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  • 22 April 2018
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