Cupids Test

Cupids Test When The Tooth Fairy Wants To Knock Cupid Down A Peg She Decides To Test Him To See If He Really Can Make Any Two People Fall In Love.Jay And Lilly Are Two Completely Different People But When A Snow Storm Forces Them To Be In Each Others Company For A Week They Quickly Realize How Opposites Can Attract After Finding Out That They Are On Two Different Sides Of A Court Case The Question Now Is Can They Get Passed It Or Will The Week They Had Be Their First And Last This is a pretty short and fun read about 22 pages or so from a new to me author Cupid is being tested by the Tooth Fairy to see if he can really make people fall in love Coming from two very different backgrounds Jay and Lilly are the chosen two for the test If this story was longer I m pretty sure I would have liked it a lot than I did Both Jay and Lilly are feeling the stress of work and each have decided that the best thing to do is to go away for a long weekend Circumstances or is it Cupid force them two together and things take off from there There are several moments where I thought this story was going to get a little deeper in the rationale for both Jay and Lilly s fundamental believes but it didn t and I was disappointed I can t give away too much because it s a short read I ll admit that the start was great but I m not a fan of introducing a mindset that leaves me, the audience, with the impression that one character has done all of the capitulating.Happy Read
I absolutley loved this story Cannot wait to read from Megan Grooms