Beyond Politics: Markets, Welfare, and the Failure of Bureaucracy

Beyond Politics: Markets, Welfare, and the Failure of BureaucracyTraditional Public Policy And Welfare Economics Have Held That Market Failures Are Common, Requiring The Intervention Of Government In Order To Serve And Protect The Public Good In Beyond Politics, William C Mitchell And Randy T Simmons Carefully Scrutinize This Traditional View Through The Modern Theory Of Public Choice.The Authors Enlighten The Relationship Of Government And Markets By Emphasizing The Actual Rather Than The Ideal Workings Of Governments And By Reuniting The Insights Of Economics With Those Of Political Science Beyond Politics Traces The Anatomy Of Government Failure And A Pathology Of Contemporary Political Institutions As Government Has Become A Vehicle For Private Gain At Public Expense In So Doing, This Brisk And Vigorous Book Examines A Host Of Public Issues, Including Social Welfare, Consumer Protection, And The Environment Offering A Unified And Powerful Perspective On The Market Process, Property Rights, Politics, Contracts, And Government Bureaucracy, Beyond Politics Is A Lucid And Comprehensive Book On The Foundations And Institutions Of A Free And Humane Society. This book is a good read on Public Choice and an eye opening account on government inefficiencies Authors propose various means for settling problems within the marketplace and private property rights However this book is not an easy read and can be dull at times. Explores our public choice theory and introduces the asymmetry of incentives An extremely interesting read Absolutely loved it If I wrote an actual review it would be pages long. This feels like the libertarian book that would be written by Krugman if he were a libertarian Shrill and sloppy The macro section is especially poor and feels out of place. This book really help me for my current research Showing bravely about how economy worked towards politics Thanks, Mitchell.

➶ Beyond Politics: Markets, Welfare, and the Failure of Bureaucracy Free ➬ Author William C. Mitchell –
  • Hardcover
  • 234 pages
  • Beyond Politics: Markets, Welfare, and the Failure of Bureaucracy
  • William C. Mitchell
  • English
  • 21 March 2017
  • 9780813322070