Margins Download Margins By Terri De La Pe A In Veronica Melendez, The Novelist Paints A Vibrant Portrait Of A Multidimensional Young Woman Fully Embracing Her Life. This book follows Veronica Roni Melendez as she struggles to recover from a car accident that left her life long lover dead What makes the novel beautiful is that it weaves Roni s coming out as a lesbian with her coming out, so to speak, as an author She undergoes a series of transformations throughout the course of the story from Roni to Ve
I really liked this book, but the dated quality was difficult to get over at times Although, not a big deal What put me off of this book was right at the end, when it was obvious the love interest was going t
As a Chicana lesbian coming out novel it was way outside my normal reading Easily frustrated at the end of the book because it introduced a lot of Spanish dialogue that was not translated and not easy to infer the translation. The story helped to distract from the simplistic writing and expected, stereotypical Spanglish I m very rarely left completely satisfied with novels focusing on featuring Latin American culture, so maybe I m beingcritical than necessary, but it was still a decent book. I feel like a read an unlikely amount of lesbian Latina lit during college Is that possible that it s such a huge category Regardless, this is the one I remember most clearly Good one, I do recall. awesome coming out novel, featuring women of color.