The Last Sunset

The Last Sunset Description The Year Around Fort William, The Scottish Highlanders Are In Revolt And The Redcoats Are Coming Suddenly Time Shifts People From Different Eras Are Dumped At This One Turning Point In HistoryIn The Future, Nuclear Armageddon Has Caused This Powerful Blast Through Time, But Why Can History Be Changed Or Is The Future Doomed To Witness The Last Sunset First of all, let me declare that I received a free copy of The Last Sunset in return for a fair, honest review.That being said, I found this book to be unique It involves time travel, which is a very difficult issue to work out properly in a story and Mr Atkinson does so in ingenious fashion Add in the fact that it s time travel put upon folks from several different time periods, and thrown into a war zone from mid 18th century Scotland, and you have yourself a read.What I found most compelling about the whole thing was how the characters from each era including those from old Scotland were depicted in such detail, and with complete accuracy Their mannerisms and customs were spot on, and it didn t take me long to realize that the author was either from Scotland, or he had done exhaustive research into the lifestyle of the region during the book s time setting including the local dialect, I might add.There are two things that really drive how I grade a book how it brings forth emotion, and how it moves And this one scored high in both There were folks in it I hated, those I loved, and some I respected There were none for which I felt indifference and that was key And it had no dead areas in it The story line was always building, shifting, and best of all, getting complicated and doing so smoothly.This is a real page turner Now, I m not one to use the whole couldn t put it down phrase I can put any book down But I can tell you when I did set this one on the table, I was looking forward to coming back.And I don t give 5 stars to any book Period But this one earns 4.5, and with a clear conscious And it s also one of the few books I own that I ll read a second time. In his novel, The Last Sunset, Bob Atkinson takes threads from the past, present and future, weaves them into a tapestry, into patterns as bright and intricate as the tartan of a highlander s kilt He draws you into his spider web with bold tight prose, until the rain, the mud, the stench of death, the horror of trench warfare becomes real, and then he transports you to the Scottish Highlands of seventeen forty six, where enemies become comrades in arms, and join a rag tag little band facing the might of King George s army.While reading, The Last Sunset, I smelled the heather, knew fear as I hid from redcoats on the rampage, and felt sadness as characters I came to know died beneath a hail of bullets.I loved the premise of the book and found the characters to take on a life of their own.The last Sunset is must read, not only for history buffs, or science fiction aficionados but for anyone who enjoys getting lost inside a well written, well plotted yarn. Review for The Last Sunset by Bob Atkinson This fascinating novel is centred on a lonely Highland glen in Scotland at four different and significant moments in its history 1746, just before the fateful battle of Culloden, 1916, when a Highland soldier revisits his home whilst on leave from the war in Northern France, 1976 when British soldiers use the glen for military exercises and 2026 when Well, you ll have to read this excellent and original book to find out what happened in 2026 All these different periods collide in a convincing and highly plausible way Thus, hardy and courageous Highlanders, hopelessly outgunned by ruthless Redcoats, are aided by British soldiers training for Northern Ireland, and an American couple, whose nostalgic visit on the girl s part at least is stunningly interrupted by a collision between the past and our future, come together in common cause with others who hold the glen as their own In this novel, one has to not so much suspend belief as start believing in other realities, other truths, other dimensions Bob Atkinson is a Highlander who served as a soldier and knows his worlds inside out So this book oozes authority But, like all Highlanders, Mr Atkinson is a product of his history and the scents and mists, joys and sadnesses of his homeland pervade this entrancing novel It is both an exciting adventure story, redolent of Sir Walter Scott in parts, and a hymn to the spirit and soul of Scotland If you like your stories fast paced and, at the same time, deeply engaging, I could not but highly recommend The Last Sunset You will think about it long after you turn the final page Be warned, 2026 will be a significant year for us all Roderick Craig Low Author of England 2026 After the Discord. I ve just come from Scotland, Glen Laragain to be exact, and I m cold, tired and battle scarred.No, I didn t actually leave Jordan, I read Bob Atkinson s book, The Last Sunset A pair of brothers, Colin and Alistair, circa 1916 were looking for a lost ewe A band of soldiers, circa 1976, were training for duty in Northern Ireland An American couple, Sam and Shawnee, circa 2026, were visiting the ancient home of Shawnee s father They all witnessed what could only have been the mushroom cloud of a nuclear explosion.These unlikely groups of people come together against the formidable army of Bonny Prince Charlie in the most unbelievable year of 1746 Atkinson skillfully spins this astonishing yarn in such a way as to render the reader powerless to put the book down Every single page seems to be a cliffhanger This reader, in particular, became so personally involved with all the characters that he felt personally affronted and injured by the notorious actions of the ruthless British armed forces.I can t praise this book in strong enough terms I didn t only enjoy reading it, but actually lived it If you enjoy paranormal books involving time travel, don t waste a minute waiting to get it You ll be thinking about its nuances and plot twists long after you ve turned the final page Get it today Wow Bob Atkinson not only writes a good action story, but he provokes a reader to ponder the possibility of different realities, or even alternate universes The Last Sunset is reminiscent of Diana Gabaldon s Outlander series, insomuch that time travel and the fateful battle at Culloden play a major role in the theme But that is as far as it goes.In The Last Sunset, the heroine of the story, Shawnee, an American lass with Highlander roots, is much less concerned about the history changing results of time travel like little interferences changing major historical events instead, she is concerned that she and the others who have found themselves thrown into an earlier century will not be able to prevent that infamous massacre of her people back in the mid 1700 s.I give this book a thumbs up, and I hope that Mr Atkinson gifts us with a sequel. This book was a page turner from the beginning Bob Atkinson paints a beautiful picture of a country we don t often think about that much in an era that seems so forgotten.This is a fast paced, very action packed novel and it will keep you in suspense the whole time you read it I did get a little confused during some parts but then again, I ve never claimed to be a history buff Just pay close attention to details that way you won t end up re reading pages.And best yet, Bob throws in a little romance on top of everything else This story is unique and powerful and you will spend the rest of the day thinking about it once you close the back cover Set in a milieu where a nuclear event has caused the past and the future to collide, this intriguing time travel story is about romantic adventure and bravery Two brothers from the First World War era, a group of soldiers on a training exercise from the 1970 s and an American couple from the future who are on a visit to the land of her ancestors, are thrown together in 1746 s Glen Laragain just prior to King George s infamous massacre.Armed with their superior 1970 s weapons and a history book forewarning them of things to come, they band together to thwart the Redcoat s plan I loved the interplay between the groups from the varying eras with their different manners and technology and their different understanding of the world around them Bob Atkinson s military expertise, his fine understanding of weapons and tactics, and his passion for the Scottish highlands shine through on every page.Although I love historical fiction, I am usually a little dissatisfied because if you know your history it can be a bit predictable I thoroughly enjoyed this book because of the science fiction component The Last Sunset had all the elements of a historical adventure but still had me on the edge of my seat because anything could happen. The Last Sunset offers a unique twist to the common time travel plot Imagine accidental travelers, from three separate time periods, arriving during a historical massacre of Scottish rebels during the 18th century Written with an easy style, Bob Atkinson explores the complexities of family, courage, camaraderie, attraction, and courting from four cultural perspectives The difference in language and dialect adds to the overall story In contrast to other books that hide the lack of a storyline by using a dialect that is difficult to read I almost enjoyed this book enough to rate five stars but I currently reserve that rating for books that I believe will reside in my thoughts for a considerable time Some rating systems allow for half stars and this book easily rates four and a half stars I hope that you enjoy this book as much as I did. Future meets the past in the Scottish Highlands Romance and War are brought together in a wonderfully well written story It took a little while to develop the characters and the story but after the first few chapters I could not put this book down While advertised with a sci fi plot of nuclear Armageddon, it is so a historical period drama that captures the old Scottish Highlands with an interesting twist I could not believe that this was a debut book for the author as this novel has all this marks of a well seasoned writer I really hope Bob Atkinson will allow these characters to continue in a few tales. Great Read A Scottish Highland setting, this story spans centuries and is full of action, adventure, determination with romance and snippets that made me smile Based in Glen Laragain with a strange red sky which is seen by the main characters, the story engages the reader in the mysteries that unfold The book contains well developed characters that include Colin and Alistair through to Shawnee and Sam Can history be changed The book is well and cleverly written This is a great read for both teenagers and adults alike Comes very highly recommended, a book that is hard to put down, one of my favourites

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