Heroes Under Siege (Talent Chronicles, #3)

Heroes Under Siege (Talent Chronicles, #3) The Third Book In The Talent Chronicle Series.Hunting High And Low Even Superheroes Deserve To Find Happily Ever After. Are we EVER going to get a release date I wonder if this book will EVER be released Please, I only need a release date aha pretty please 11 5 16 I need a summary of this book I need to know what s going to happen next Are they going to meet the characters from Impulse Control Will we find outabout the Syndicate I NEED TO KNOW 2 18 18 I ve been waiting on this book for almost 6 years now Yeesh, are we ever going to see it When WHEN is it coming out I need to know when this book is going to come out I ve been waiting like a year to know what happens please a date or a summary I need a release date for this book I m dying to read it I absolutely loved Hush Money, Heroes Til Curfew, and Impulse Control. WHEN IS THIS OUTI need this book.It s been so many years waiting for it, hot damn the wait best have been worth it WHY IS THIS TAKING SO LONG Is this going to get released Because I haven t seen any activity from the author on her webpage or anything and this book has been in my to read list for, like, 2 3 years