Banshee in the Well

Banshee in the Well This Fantasy Adventure Begins At Monastery Farm, Cumbria Niall Carver, The Farmer S Twelve Year Old Son, Hears A Blood Curdling Scream And Tracks Down The Sound To An Ancient Well In The Farmhouse Garden From The Well He Rescues A Gothic Looking, Dark Haired Girl In Leather Boots And A Short Dress, Her Limbs Dappled With Black Markings The Girl Introduces Herself As SathraNiall Carries Out Some Internet Research And Confirms The Truth, That Sathra Has Come Through A Time Warp From The Thirteenth Century To The Present Day At First Niall Suspects She S A Banshee, Though Sathra Insists That She S A Dryad The Distinction Is Important Because Whilst Banshees Were Evil, Dryads Were The Exact Opposite What Niall Doesn T Know Is That, To Return To Her Own Time, Sathra The Banshee Must Restore Her Magical Powers By Sacrificing A Boy Her Own Age Niall Would Fit The Bill Perfectly, Though She Has To Lure Him To A Place Of Sacrifice, An Ancient Stone Circle About A Mile From The Farm Now Believing Sathra Is A Dryad, Niall Looks Forward To A Series Of Escapades Of The Kind That Feature In His Favourite BooksThese Adventures Certainly Follow, But All The While Sathra Is Plotting The Dreaded Sacrifice Original, perceptive and witty edgy, shrewd and sly this is a dazzling read from a Charlie s Angel of an author who delivers karate chops with both hands and winks at the audience while she does it Twelve year old Niall, a farmer s son, is alone in the farmhouse when he hears a blood curdling shriek outside He tracks the sound down to an old well in the corner of his garden He rescues Sathra, a banshee girl who s been transported through a t
On the strength of this hilarious debut novel, Robin Lovejoy has a great future as a children s author This is a great book for young adults and parents should take note This is a book that your child will not want to put down and they will enjoy reading That s a definite plu
This has to be one of the best children s books I ve ever read The only problem I have with it is that it had to end Niall Carver is the sort of character that middle grade readers can relate to and the way the other characters are described from their appearance to their habits is so inventive and original that you end up feeling like you have met a whole host of new people by the end of the book It kept me turning the pages if that s the right expression for an eBook and if you want a gri This has to be one of the best children s books I ve ever read The only problem I have with it is that it had to end Niall Carver is the sort of character that middle grade readers can relate to and the
This is a wickedly original and gripping story and I can fully understand the comparisons people are making between Robin Lovejoy and Roald Dahl Although on the face of things Banshee in the Well is a tale on the dark side it is also brimming with humour and sly comedy As the story proceeds the
Banshee in the Well is a must read The minute I downloaded this book, I couldn t stop reading The story is gripping, the adventure flies at a high pace and the characters are very well rounded and endearing Robin Lovejoy has a great deal of imaginative verve and keeps surprising the reade
A rich, well structured story written with a sure hand The narrative is presented with total originality, and never fails to hit the reader with surprises Robin Lovejoy is a fine writer and her story is not only mysterious and exciting but is rich in every detai
This was a fun book, full of adventures, and I really enjoyed reading it. I decided to try this book because I d heard alot about it on Twitter and Goodreads I wasn t disappointed, it s a really exciting book with plenty of humour, kind of in the so daft it s great category Well done, a must read for the quick, and adventuristic Indeed, a shining first achievement, from the most promising Author Robin Lovejoy She paints a wonderful canvas of colorful images Composing excellent characters, who develop, throughout a fun and fantastic journey tail Fluent, greatly woven wit, twists the enchanting, and entertains well, to the very last word Highly recommended It raises the bar, beyond 5 stars This year, reward your intellect with this very good read, or give a Well done, a must read for the quick, an
I m not a huge fan of time travel books for younger readers, mostly because they tend to be frantic, poorly plotted, and either predictable or incoherent The beauty of this book is that it is funny, thoughtful, and not bogged down with subplots about saving the world or finding magic swords and the like.It s muchabout the universal truth that pretty much no one should be taken at face value.I m not sure who the reader is for this book Try it too young and it might be too scary and violen I m no