Wicked Sinners

Wicked SinnersAdriana Clay Moved To Martinique To Start A New Life, But When She Stumbles Upon An Ancient Book, She Finds Herself Drawn Into A Centuries Old Battle Between Brothers Sorcier Julien Dubois Has Been On The Hunt For His Twin, Jacques, Ever Since The Day That Jacques Stole A Book Of Spells From Him And Allowed Their Younger Brother To Die Adriana Is About To Change The Game, But When She Gives Her Heart And Soul To One Of The Brothers, She Must Face A Difficult Question Did She Lose Herself To Evil Wicked Sinners Is The Second Installment In Charity Parkerson S Sinners Series Really loved The Society of Sinnersand this is second in the series I loved the characters and the story line was different from what I ve read before Not to mention some fabulous lovin.We start off with Adriana who has moved to Martinique to flee her boring life and back stabbing bitch of a sister She is attempting to hang sheetrock when Jacques drops off some supplies and offers to help her When she leaves the room he hides an ancient book with loose sheets in it in one of her travel bags.In comes Jacques twin brother, Julien Who has been hunting for his brother and the sheets of paper in the book He sees Adriana, at a bar she frequents and she mistakenly takes him for Jacques She walks over to say hello and they are both drawn to each other due to being soul mates Julien has been hunting Jacques because he believes him to be responsible for their brother Alain s death, by taking the sheets he needed to give his brother eternal life And that s all I m giving you This is a fabulous story and can t wait to read of the Society of Sinners Series. I was first drawn to Wicked Sinners because of the cover art I was blown away with the two different color eyes on the cover So many different conclusions ran ramped through my mind With Wicked Sinners on my to be read list, I jumped at the opportunity to review it And I was not disappointed.Charity Parkerson did such an excellent job weaving this story from beginning to end I had no idea it was part of a series much less the second book in the series Not knowing how this novel ties into the first, devastatingly handsome twin brother s Jacques and Julian who are both immortal and Druids are determined to destroy each other.Adriana who has fled to Martinique to escape her truly bitch of a sister where she comically meets Jacques Dubois while trying to hang dry wall Later she meets up with Julian thinking him to be Jacques in a local night club and fall in love with him Little does she know she has been thrust into an unforgiving war between two powerful Druids that could kill her I was submerged into this story from the very beginning Not only is t book well written, the mixture of humor, action, mystery and romance held me and never let go I can t wait to read from Charity Parkerson and plan on reading The Society of Sinners the first installment to The Sinners Series and am hopeful that Charity Parkerson will continue the series digging deeper into Jacques relationship with the Oracle. I received this book as a part of the R2R program.Opps, is my first thought on this one Apparently this is book two and I had not read book one But that didn t seem to matter much While reading I didn t feel like I was missing something view spoiler Until towards the end hide spoiler I got a copy of this one R2R so thanks to both R2R and the author for providing a copy for me to read I signed up for this before finishing or review the first novel in the Sinners series I didn t really enjoy the first book in the series so I was cringing when I started Wicked Sinners hoping it wasn t like the firstit s not The format of Society of Sinners was 6 stories about different paranormal couples and it just didn t work for me, stories too short too many characters so you don t really get invested in any of them Wicked Sinners focuses on one couple and you get their whole story and it was a much much better read.Adriana leaves her small town in the Southern US, and buys a house in Martinique where she meets twins, Jacques and Julien She becomes involved with Julien,a sorcerer who has been hunting his twin for thousands of years over stolen pages in a book that allowed their younger brother to die.There are lots of twists and surprises in this book keeping things interesting and the plot moving along at a good pace There is a love triangle and without giving away spoilers the author resolves it in a very creative way.The characters from the first book do make an appearance but it is very minor and does not in any way take the focus away from the main story That made this so much easier to read and to like this book I have to say this book made me a convert and I will try the next one in the series. I received this book through Read to Review I really loved this book It was a great read and I wasnt able to put it down once I picked it up The main character is Adriana who moves to Martinique to get away from a life that has caused her nothing but grief She finds Julien and they fall in love Julien is searching for his twin and for the book that he stole from him This book has lots of suprise twists and ends up resolving everything very nicely One thing I love about it is that the female character that is pulled into a mystical world finds out she is a part of it, and is able to take care of herself Even though the solution to the love triangle was a little odd, it actually was pretty cool and unique compared to other books All in all it really is an interesting read and one you should pick up I actually read this book not knowing it was the second one in the series, but I didn t feel lost at all I love the author s creation of a paranormal community where all can live in peace under the watchful eye of a powerful entity whose punishment is swift for those who break the rules Loved the characters, the action, the romance very sexy , and the twists I look forward to reading the rest of the Sinners series as well as other books from this author. An awesome read that truly does capture the imagination in many ways This story is one to be read,and I do recommend it Well done Charity Parkerson I was advised that this is the sequel to The Society Of Sinners, and even though it is marked as Book 2 in the Sinners Series, in no way is it dependant on the first book Although it does touch on a few of the characters and events from The Society Of Sinners, 99% of the book has nothing to do with anything that happened in the first book.I really enjoy Ms Parkerson s writing style It has an easy flow to it that makes reading fun and enjoyable What I really liked about this book was that it had enough plot twists without making everything confusing, and the mystical element behind this book is very different from the first.We first meet Adriana, who has escaped her home as well as her evil, slutty sister in Alabama for the beautiful seaside town of Martinique It is here that she meets two brothers and her world is instantly turned upside down Julien and Jacques Dubois are immortal Druids Julien has been hunting Jacques for centuries after he stole a very important book from him, resulting in the death of his successor Throw in a few vampires, a long believed dead third brother and a bit of magic, and wham, just when you thought you knew what was happening, everything changes.Without giving too much away, there is a definite love triangle but with a twist, and I was very excited to see just how it would all turn out This book is filled with intense love, heartbreaking sorrow and even a little humor Thank you to read2review and Charity Parkerson for giving me the opportunity to read Wicked Sinners. Excellent read Cant really describe exactly why I enjoyed this book so much, but I did, and it was lovely Apparently there is a prequel out there I only read the summary for each novella within the prequel but I don t feel like I ve missed anything by diving head on into this one Hell, if anything, I may have tried to add an nonexistent star somewhere.This book is hard to summarize without giving away some spoilers there s a lot going on with than a couple twists and turns But, I ll try There s a woman named Adriana who moves to France after gaining an inheritance to start her life over Through the luck of the draw, she s thrown head first into a predicament between two sexy twin brothers And oh, did I mention there s magic involved I enjoyed the different points of view in the story The author would switch things up in the middle of the scene so there would be no questions about the feelings or intentions of the characters involved Also, I loved the use of quotes to start off each chapter and the overall beauty of the writing in general I felt the emotions being displayed before me.The ending posses me off, however It was justdone That easy, huh Don t authors know by now that most readers can t stand for something so great to end so suddenly Why the build up for no climax The epilogue was sweet, though, and I m pretty sure it saved the narrative from a four star rating.Overall a good adult romance story Everything isn t fairies and strawberries but love conquers all in the end. Another exciting novel from Charity Parkerson, Wicked Sinners is the second entry in her Sinners series A bit different from The Society of Sinners, it s equally fascinating and equally lovable In fact, I find myself compelled to read all Ms Parkerson s books no disappointments here Adriana has fled Southern Alabama after her sister captures the man Adriana might have loved She researches, then buys a beachfront home on Martinique, determined to renovate it herself When the home improvement store delivers her purchases, she meets a sexy man who calls himself Jacques, who offers to twin Julien, on the hunt for Jacques from his own home in France Adriana can t understand why at the first meeting she merely admired Jacques aesthetically, but now at their second encounter she s getting all hot and bothered This new Jacques actually Julien is developing an interest too much so in Adriana too and what she doesn t know is that both to her it s one and the same have their own hidden, and dangerous agendas She might have left a heartache behind at home in Alabama, but she s about to step into a situation a whole lot fraught with danger, here on Martinique, her beloved new home.I m convinced Charity Parkerson cannot write a bad novel, so I m going to keep a firm eye on her website, on Goodreads, and in her GR group, so I never miss one of her novels Please keep writing forever, Ms Parkerson

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