Tales of Graceful Aging from the Planet Denial

Tales of Graceful Aging from the Planet DenialOne Of America S Funniest Women Asks, If Sixty Is The New Fifty, When Do I Get To Be Thirty Again Nicole Hollander Grew Up In The Nineteen Fifties, When Women Of A Certain Age Put On Weight, Got A Really Tight Perm, And Rode The Backs Of Their House Slippers Into The Ground Oh, For Those Uncomplicated Good Old Days Today, Your Fifties And Sixties Are Deemed Your Most Creative Years You Can T Lie Around Like A Slug Unless You Suddenly Want To Be Seventy With Nothing To Show For It Luckily, In Tales Of Graceful Aging From The Planet Denial, Nicole, Creator Of The Beloved Sylvia Comic Strip And One Of The Pioneers Of The Genre Of Humor About Women And Their Cats, Guides Us Through The Important Decisions That Come In One S Mature Years Accept The Senior Citizen Discount Or Feign Indignation Get Plastic Surgery Or Just A Really Good Haircut Nicole Applies Her Ironic Wit To Such Topics As Whether To Lobby Harry Winston For A Foundation To Provide Chauffeur Driven Cars And Diamonds To Women Over Fifty Or Instead Focus On Finding A Ch Teau To Buy In France And Turning It Into The First Nail Spa In The Loire Valley Or Perhaps A Shelter For French Strays She Tackles A Range Of Female Obsessions Men, Friendship, Beauty, Money, Weight, And A Few Peculiar Obsessions Of Her Own, Such As Researching Loft Size Mausoleums With Huge Mobile Homes Your Family Can Stay In When They Come To Lay Flowers Or Angry Notes On Your Grave, The Very Latest Thing In Burial Arrangements With Wicked Humor And Fantastic Riffs That Take You Places You Never Expected To Go, Tales Of Graceful Aging From The Planet Denial Is Like Nicole S Idea Of Heaven Tiny Cupcakes Served Continuously. Pretty funny A woman who knows how to express what women go through in their later years and silly ideas on how to survive our MUCH later years since we are living so much longer now Just WHAT do we do with our extra years Good reading. The creator of the Sylvia comic strip muses humorouslyon aging in particular, aging in women In the process, she creates a loosely structured memoir.A good light read, this book consists of episodic riffson aging related topics It is almost always amusing and is sometimes laugh out loud funny The intermittent cartoon illustrations add a lot to the book I now have a photocopied one stuck on my fridge My favorite kind of coffee is the coffee that someoneelse makes for me This book had not been on my running list of books to read, but then my local library hosted Hollander at anauthor visit, prompting me to see
TALES OF GRACEFUL AGING FROM THE PLANET DENIAL by Nicole Hollander 2007 is from my favorite cartoonist I din t know how I could have missed a new Hollander publication, and then I checked the publication date and realized My husband and I are forever discovering events, books, movies, and whole television series that came out during the last years of my mother s dying In any event, this is funny and irreverent and pretty much what anyone sho
I have loved Hollander s Sylvia comic strip since I first started reading it at least twenty four years ago This little stream of consciousness book of humorous musings on aging and her social life doesn t match the quality of her strip, unfortunately Or perhaps she just
Short, quipy Maxine like style humor on not aging gracefully and bending all the social norms Had some great moments and had some not great moments, but any book that makes me laugh out loud, spurting coffee out of my nose and getting chuckles by others as they watch me in a coffee shop can t be al
I love Nicole Hollander s comic strip Sylvia This book is sort of a memoir, though some of it is clearly added just for laughs And there are laughs a plenty I don t think I m quite old enough to appreciate this book fully, but parts of it were hilarious I ll reread it later. learned a lot about myself from this funny, witty and everyone goes through it book. Clearly, this book was not written for a woman my age There were some funny parts, but it was not consistently funny I suppose that if I were older it would have translated better Oh well. This was a wry,mildly funny book about growing up in the 1950s and aging.

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  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • Tales of Graceful Aging from the Planet Denial
  • Nicole Hollander
  • English
  • 19 July 2018
  • 9780767926539