Journeys End (Clarion of Destiny, #8)

Journeys End (Clarion of Destiny, #8) Clarion Of Destiny Is The Eight Volume Fantasy Tale Of Leena, A Heroine Selected By Destiny To Combat The Greatest Challenge Her World Has Ever Known In An Epic Journey That Leads Through Foreign Lands And Mysterious Realms Where Demons, Monsters, And Magic Rule, This Inexperienced Young Girl Is Forced To Overcome A Protected Childhood To Face Challenges That Would Crush Far Experienced Adventurers With Each Step She Takes, With Each Passing Day, She Draws Closer To A Malevolent Force So Formidable That It Has Defeated The Mightiest Armies And The Strongest Magic Of Her World, An Evil That Could Prove Too Powerful For Her Developing Knowledge And Skills To Overcome.In Volume 8, Journey S End , Leena Must Prepare For A Battle That Will Decide The Fate Of The World She Lives In However, At Every Step, The Evil That Rules Her Nation Is Always One Step Ahead, Until She Has To Ask Herself In The Final Battle, Will Her Skills Be Enough