Summoning the Night (Arcadia Bell, #2)

Summoning the Night (Arcadia Bell, #2) Magick Murder Mayhem It S All In A Night S Work After Narrowly Escaping Her Fate As A Sacrificial Scapegoat, Arcadia Bell Is Back To Normal Or At Least As Ordinary As Life Can Be For A Renegade Magician And Owner Of A Tiki Bar That Caters To Earthbound Demons She S Gearing Up For The Busiest Day Of The Year Halloween When A Vengeful Kidnapper Paralyzes The Community The Influential Head Of The Local Hellfire Club Taps Cady To Track Down The Fiendish Bogeyman, And Now That She S Dating Red Hot Lon Butler, The Club S Wayward Son, She Can Hardly Say No Cady And Lon Untangle A Gruesome Thirty Year Trail Of Clues That Points To Danger For The Club Members Children But Locating The Person Behind The Terror Will Require Some Metaphysical Help From Cady S Loyal Bar Patrons As Well As Her Potent New Moonchild Powers And She D Better Figure It Out Before The Final Victim Disappears And Her Own Darkest Secret Becomes Her Biggest Enemy Guess what, folks It is entirely possible to write good urban fantasy without relationship drama or love triangle drama Who knew Well, I did, and I guess Jenn Bennett did too because that s what she delivered After the sweet beginning of Cady and Lon s relationship in Kindling the Moon, I thought they would surely start having second thoughts, realize that their age difference and Lon s teenage son are too much to handle, or at least that one of them would be attracted to another person as well I mean, that s how these things go, right Wrong I never in my wildest dreams expected them to communicate, to be supportive and ready to commit to each other, but most of all, I didn t think they d end up solving paranormal mysteries together, like a family Shows what I know Now that Arcadia Bell finally knows the truth about her parents, she s free to live her life with Lon and his son Jupe, work in her tiki bar and learn about her Moonchild abilities Or at least she should be When Earthbound teens start disappearing and the connection is made between current kidnappings and a 30 year old unsolved case, Cady and Lon are asked to investigate Normally they would refuse such an assignment, but all the kidnapped teens are connected to Hellfire, a club of Earthbounds Lon belongs to, which means that Jupe might be next With Lon s son in danger,
Read my review here and enter our badass giveaway.http arc revior you can read the review below It s about damn time An urban fantasy novel that has A solid, stable couple as the main characters Lon and Cady are a couple A real, honest couple.Hold on there is The main characters communicate to each other rather than act on assumptions Lon and Cady don t make life altering decisions based on assumptions about their partners If they are confused, suspicious, hurt, angry, they ask their partner.But wait, there is even There is no triangle It s not for lack of a third party In Summoning the Night, we are introduced to Hajo, a death dowser an Earthbound demon who s knack is finding bodies Hajo is described as unfolding a frame well over six feet He was dressed in jeans and a slim, black leather racing jacket with a mandarin collar and three silver stripes on one sleeve, zipped all the way up to his throat He was about my age, I guessed, mid to late twenties Short dark hair and darker eyes Long, thin sideburns styled into diagonal points Smoldering good looks Cady easily could fall prey to the mysterious, good looking Hajo But NO, what does Cady do Hold on to your keyboard, you might fall over What s wrong Lon said, startling me Hajo came on to me, I blurted he wanted me to sleep with him as payment for the job The potion was a compromise Lon s eyes
I am really torn about how to approach this review On the one hand, the story is pretty good and the plot is solid The characters all well written and the pacing is spot on On the other hand, the author seems to have some moral blind spots that are deeply troubling.As with the first book, I really like the romance between Cady and Lon They re in a solid relationship, now, and Bennett does a good job handling a mature relationship without resorting to the typical slew of miscommunications and screw ups that less talented writers often indulge to keep things fresh Cady s relationship with Jupe is a big part of the charm of Cady s relationship with Lon and it s good to see that grow as Jupe explores having, if not an outright mother figure, then at least a strong female authority figure who cares deeply about him Jupe is deeply involved in the story, this time, and being there doesn t feel forced, strained, or manipulative at all That s quite a feat and kudos to Bennett for pulling it off.Unfortunately, where Bennett fails, she fails spectacularly I ve noticed a tendency with some authors to make moral choices be about outcomes rather than about choices That s a natural tendency because moral choices are often put in terms of the expected outcomes of the choice made pointing guns at people and pulling the trigger is bad bec
I wanted a bit 4.25 4.5 starsImpressive Mystery After reading Kindling the Moon I was ready to dive into Arcadia s next adventure with Lon and Jupe, but I wanted all the books before starting Summoning the Night It was definitely worth the expense and wait Good luck finding Binding the Shadows book 3 has the remaining mass paperbacks at 19 BtS is out of print, and is selling the like it s a precious shovel during the Gold Rush Anyway, I have all four books on my keeper shelf read and unread and dived into book 2 eager for a great story I was not disappointed Thirty years ago, seven children disappeared and the kidnappings have started again The pressure is on for Arcadia to find the Snatcher before Halloween, when an unknown ritual will be performed and the children are presumed to perish Cady s instincts to remain hidden conflict with her attachment to her lover, Lon, and precocious son Jupe The mystery kept me guessing Each string Cady pulled led in another direction I loved not knowing if Cady would save the children in time or whether Jupe would become a victim Anything could have happened It kept me on the edge of my seat Weeeeeee, squealed this happy little reader It seems urban fantasies can t decide whether to focus on the romantic aspects or the characters and, subsequently, the actual mystery suspense aspect become predictable i.e Stacia Kane s The Downside Ghost serie
Great series Love the world of Earthbounds, savages, demons and of course magicians Hints as to Cady s providence and genetic makeup still to come, as she gets to grip with her Moon child abilities I like the way Jupe has as big a part in the stories and how Cady fits so we
Oh, really Is that why he s hot and bothered for Arcadia here Kar Yee tossed an accusatory glance my way She was well aware that honesty wasn t one of my strong suits Probably, Jupe confirmed My dad says he likes her so much that if she kicked him in the balls, he d just thank her Jenn Bennett has done it again, she s managed to suck me into another one if her Intoxicatingly Magical Arcadia Bell Books Last year I was blown away with Kindling The Moon, and so it came as no shock to me that Summoning The Night would be equally as awesome and sexy as the first Sometimes I think I might die if can t touch you He said this with great seriousness, his voice suddenly much lower.Summoning The Night begins in October with children of The Hellfire organization being kidnapped by someone referred to as The Snatcher Several years ago The Snatcher began kidnapping children during the month of October never to be seen again, and now that appears to be happening once again, Dare the leader of The Hellfire Club has asked for Lon and Arcadia s assistance in solving the mystery behindThe Snatcher ultimately stopping him from kidnapping any children I ve talked to you a couple of times, when I ve called here for Caddy Jupe pointed out You were kinda mean But I didn t mind I don t like weak women I like warriors This book was exciting and non stop fun from page one, Bennett left me guessing and just when I thought
3.5 5 Summoning the Night, the second Arcadia Bell novel, is undoubtedly a fun UF romp Cady, Lon and Jupe are slowly becoming a family, and I particularly loved reading about them as a family unit in action, so to speak However, there were some things that I found frustrating about this book, among which are Cady s reticence to learn about her Moonchild abilities her very questionable bartering decision in the first third of the book, which made my eyebrows go up up up, even if it was alluded to being resolved at the
Loving this series and Full review to come hopefully soon. Summoning the Night is the second book in Jenn Bennett s Arcadia Bell series It follows Kindling the Moon and is just as good as its predecessor with this book Bennett has cemented this series place on my snap up on sight list.The main plot this time around is that Cady is manipulated into doing an investigation for the Hellfire Club The teenage children of Hellfire members are vanishing, and the club s leader, Ambrose Dare, believes the culprit may be the same man who was behind a similar series of disappearances thirty years ago At first glance, this case isn t as personal to Cady as the one involving her parents, but it quickly becomes personal Cady is forced to make several choices and bargains that go against her sense of ethics or common sense or both, with repercussions that will ripple into future books And then it turns out that Jupe, the son of Cady s boyfriend Lon, is in danger from the kidnapper too Jupe Where do I start I love this kid He s one of the best secondary characters in urban fantasy right now, and steals every scene he s in with his blend of ebullience and vulnerability Summoning the Night starts out with a big dose of Jupe goodness, and this hooks the reader from the very beginning.The relationship between Cady and Lon, and the one between Cady and Jupe, continue to grow and deepen They really feel like a family now Cady and Lon are becoming serious and Cady and Jupe have a bond that isn t quite mother so