Breeding Cycle (The Kategan Alphas, #1)

Breeding Cycle (The Kategan Alphas, #1) Each Year Lykaen Princess Sarina Brunes Goes Through Her Breeding Cycle A Powerful Force That Makes The Desire To Mate Nearly Inescapable When Sarina Is Sent Away By Her Father To Endure The Breeding Cycle Alone, She Never Expects A Sexy Alpha To Come To Her Doorstep.When Alpha Vane Kategan Stumbles Upon Sarina In Her Breeding Cycle, He Is Determined To Help Her, If Only To Ease Her Pain However, She Is Resilient And Denies Them Both What They So Desperately Want Vane Isn T A Man Who Takes No For An Answer He Won T Give Up On His Seduction Until They Both Find Bliss What Neither Of Them Count On Is Falling In Love At The Time When They Need Each Other The Most, They Are Torn Apart By Her Father S Cruelty.Now Sarina Must Fight To Be With The One She Loves And Risk Losing The Only Family She Has Left In The Process Can Sarina Escape Her Father S Grasp For The Arms Of The Man She Loves I don t need much when reading a paranormal novella involving were wolves 1 Sexy Alpha Male Check 2 Erotic Sex Double Check..mmm, make that a Tripple Check An evil father locks his daughter away out in the woods while she is going thru her mating heat to prevent her from loosing her virginity As fate would have it, a hot sexy alpha w
3.5 starsSarina is the daughter of the Alpha and King of the Lykean community she is sheltered and kept hidden from everyone Her father forces her to endure her breeding cycle alone until he finds a worthy mate, she doesn t understand his cruelty but accepts her fate, as a member of the Pride she has to save herself for a man of worth to ensure exceptional health and breeding of the Lykean species Sent alone to a secluded cabin in the middle of nowhere she understood why her father sent her miles away from any man because she d never wanted a cock so badly Each year the pressure inside her grew stronger, powerful Her pussy begged to be filled It was harder and harder to say no, to not go looking for a man Vane, Alpha of the Kategan Pack of the Midwest, was blowing off steam, hiking across his land, when he came across the most delicious scent, one that lured him to a cabin in the woods, where he was privy to the most gorgeous site, a woman pleasuring herself He knew that she was his intended, his true mate, he is pissed beyond belief at how Sarina s father treats his daughter, the pain she is going through and he wants to be the one to protect her,
Smutastic Loved every minute of this werewolf shifter erotic book Nice is all I can say. I don t care if this is erotica I don t care if this is supposed to be light writing and all This was just horrible The writing was not the worst I have seen, but it was not good by any means The main plot of the book would have made Breeding Cycle bearable if there were any But no There is absolutely no story development whatsoever.It s the story of a girl who has an asshole father who wants to manage her life and all as if she were his slave and not his daughter Then, it s the typical not so typical, but we ll get to that in a moment boy meet girl They consummate their love Daddy s pissed and all You can only guess the ending Nothing s new here.But you know what That s not what made this horrible This so called storyline has been used a lot Actually, I d say it s been raped BUT, it still makes good books Sometimes I hated this one because I couldn t relate to the characters among other things At all What is the point of reading a book if you can t feel the story The characters are sooooo boring and stereotypical They fall for each other at first sight or first smell in this
Another free read that I got for my Kobo The only other book from this Author I have read was a free read for another series that this Author wrote I must say I loved that one too While I was checking into that series which I plan to buy, I loved it so much I saw this book and since it was a free read immediately downloaded it Hoping I would love it just as much as I did the other I am happy to say I was not let down.This book is off the charts SIZZLING HOT It starts off on page one with our female heroine having a sex dream Oh, yes, it was a hot dream Sarina is a Lycaen Princess who is kept away from men and shelter She is a virgin Every year that she goes into her breeding cycle and her father the King put her in isolation to keep her pure But the breeding cycle is painful to the extreme for females if they don t get relief Her father doesn t care Up in a remote cabin in the woods all alone to ensure no male will be near her her scent to caught by Alpha Vane He promises to give her relief with actually sex to ease her pain In her he finds the mate he has been looking for And she finds hope even though she is terrified of her father and what he is capable of.I will admit that this book is about 75% sex But OH MY GOD it is good sex It is about 29 short chapters and I flew through it like nobodies business Even though it was mainly sex, it fit the story Yes their was a story It s just that this book is true to it s title, centered around her breeding cycle.Most of the t
Sarina Brunes is a werewolf princess who is going through her breeding cycle Even worse, she is alone, aroused to the point of pain and locked up in a cabin by her very controlling farther In enter.Alpha Vane Kategan When Vane senses the sexy and beautiful woman, he knows she s his mate The problem is she won t let him take her Will he make her cave before pain will take over her Can he make Sarina s farther see that he s right for her or will he have to do it the harder way Why 3 stars The Breeding Cycle was a ridiculous book that i couldn t help but laugh at on occasion There is sex than anything in this book Sex after sex after sex, to the point where it became like i said before ridiculous I think the author needs to know how much is enough, that there is a limit I swear there is sex in nearly every chapter The story plot was OK, i enjoyed it, the characters were likable but there was not eno
Princess Sarina is sent away by her father due to her breeding cycle, any males around her would have sex with her and not be able to control himself She is a princess her father a kink of lykaen She is in a cabin in the woods sent to bear this painful cycle on her own Most women are serviced by a male in the pack during this time to lessen the pain and great sexual need.Alpha and leater of the Kategan Pack is walking thru the woods which he loves to do after a rain, he scents a female in heat, he is strong and in control if his urges but this scent calls to him and he goes in search of it. finding a cabin he looks inside and see sarina trying to pleasure her self A virgin at 22 and stuck in this cabin she looks out the window and Vane a Alpha of his pack talks her into letting him into the cabin, gives his oath not to take her without her ok. just to help her releave the pain of need lot of it. lol.and he doesOn the last day she gives in and Vane breaks the barrier of her virginity, but is stopped at exactly that point when Sarina s father breaks in with his guards and beats Vane down, Well Vane does kill 2 of th
The very first sentence starts the book with a sexual interlude I don t particularly care for books that begin in that manner because no story line has been established at that point At about 24% on my Kindle, sex was still very much the dominant theme but Ms Grey attempted to weave a bit of story into it At 36%, I started noticing and becoming irritated by the magnitude of typographical and grammatical errors in a novella length book I discovered a run on sentence that I actually had to read twice to understand what Ms Grey was attempting to convey Very little or no editing occurred in this book And oh, sex is still very much the prevailing theme at this point I found it trite and quite tedious that the story had not progressed past this point It s perfectly alright to include sex in a story H o o o owever, it is NOT alright to base an enti
Alright, it is what it is Erotica, but boring It s not a very long read but it s not incredibly short either.What turned me off, no pun intended was it was just straight sex from the 1st chapter til like chapter 8 Now I love my smuttiness just as much as the next horn toad, but I like to be stimulated on all fronts in order for me to enjoy the book The sex, because it s erotica, was still plentiful throughout the novel but it wasn t until after chapter 9 that a story started to form I really wish the story started to break ground in the beginning middle so that the passion would have been hotter I didn t believe this connection between the Alpha heroine or even the urgency of the Breeding Cycle that the heroine had to endure So therefore none of my juices were flowing Or it could just be that my sex life is much hotter th
I m like and then I m like I don t really know if it s only me but Vane and Sarina just kept going at each other Seriously Non stop SEXing lol although the storyline was enjoyable which I read like within three hours probably its to make it go quicker Anyway was it off putting for me, a little but then it wouldn t explain much why they kept a